US vs UK

US vs UK
The universities in the US and the UK have always been featured in the 'Top 100 Universities in the World.' The availability of wide range of courses, remarkable success rate of graduates, greater employment opportunities and more, have made the two countries the most popular destination for higher education.
While both the countries are known to be the best, they differ in many aspects which have to be considered before the application season starts. You need to decide which course, university and environment favours you and your profile the most.
Here are the basic important factors that you have to bear in mind before you make your decision:

Programme Structure

Universities in the US emphasise on increasing the breadth of study and enlarging the horizons of a student. As a result, they have more flexible programme structures. You needn't decide your subjects before starting your grad. You may take some time, think about it and choose them in the second year of your grad. This gives you a chance to engage in many extracurricular activities, join clubs and you can even sign up for extra courses to strengthen your profile.
Universities in the UK give more importance to the depth of study and focus on the major you have chosen at the time of your application. They help you specialise in your area of interest so you need to be careful while choosing your majors. Apart from your study, you will have time to engage in other activities but you'll have to spend your time wisely as the terms are shorter and exams are a big deal in the UK.
American colleges give regular home works and assignments; you will have to complete them diligently, in time, as they carry weightage in the final grades. So many chances to improve your final grades! But then, there are many deadlines to meet and your are constantly running to keep up with million things at a time. In the UK, though a few assignments are given to you, you have to pass all the examinations conducted in a year. Examinations are taken very seriously by them. So head to the libraries and slog, else you'll have to sit for the examinations again.
Either in the US or the UK, you may have to put in consistent effort throughout the year because though they both may essentially differ, they both conduct rigorous programmes.

Costs and Expenses matters! To pursue higher education in the UK or the US, you must consider the tuition fee and the cost of living.
The tuition fee for students is generally higher in the US than the UK. Whereas the cost of living, including accommodation is usually higher in the UK.
In UK, the total cost the student has to bear including tuition fee and the cost of living is around £30,000* per year in London and around £25,000* per year outside London.
In US, the total cost including tuition fee and the cost of living is around $50,000* per year. The cost of living amounts up to $10,000 - $15000.*
If you want to visit the canyons, lakes and other attractions of America or if you want to travel the length and breadth of Britain, it will cost you. Thus, if you have save wisely and take advantage of the student discounts...then bon voyage!

Aids and Scholarships

Higher education in the US and the UK is quite expensive for international students. You may not be able to afford but you may still secure an admission and study. How? There are many institutions including the governments of the respective countries which sponsor your education in the form of an aid, scholarship, loan or a grant.
How to obtain a loan, scholarship, air or a grant? Well, firstly, do some research on the university or college you wish to study in and roughly chalk out the total expenses (tuition, cost of living, travel, entertainment and more) you may incur for studying there. Try to get in touch with student community at the college and enquire regrading the total cost they incurred. They always have some worthy advice regarding costs and funding. After that, research on the institutions that provide financial support to students and find out their procedure and criteria. Take help from student communities, prepare a good application and apply. Remember that a good profile and academic excellence are the core requirements for getting financial support. Fortunately, if you get some financial support work out a budget and stick to it!
In the UK, getting a financial aid or scholarship for under graduation is hard as it is mostly provided to students pursuing their masters programme or research scholars. Nevertheless, you may take an educational loan from lending institutions in your home country or in the UK. The lending interest rate for an education loan in the UK is quite low. The best part is, when you start working they deduct small amounts of your money from your salary for a number or years until the loan is repaid. Therefore, the burden on your pocket is less.
On the other hand, few universities in the US offer conditional financial aid, full-need financial aid, need-blind aid, sports and other scholarships. Conditional financial aid is given to students on the basis of merit and consistent academic performance. Full-need aid covers both, your tuition and living expenses. Need blind requires you to pay how much you can afford. And coming to student loans, if you are an international student, you make take a loan in your home country or in the US provided that you have a US citizen or a permanent resident of the US to co-sign your loan when required.

Employment opportunities

The employment opportunities for students graduating from the top UK and US universities are abundant. You may choose to work in the US, UK or any other part of the world, you career will experience an exponential growth. Make sure you actively participate in the learning activities, enrol yourself for additional courses, work as an intern and yeah...maintain high grades.
Whatever university you are graduating from - either in the US or in the UK - you can get a job through campus placements, direct application, recruitment agencies or websites. You can even become an entrepreneur considering the business and political climate of the nations.
In conclusion, universities in both, the US and the UK are at par with each other in terms of programme structure, expenses and employment opportunities. It is up to you to make a choice.
If you require personal assistance in choosing the right course and the right university, we'd be happy to help you. Our team at Rostrum will guide you in deciding which course in which university you may pursue to suit your preferences, profile and parameters. We will be there with you every step of the way and help you prepare a strong university application. In addition to this, you can always connect to our vast alumni network for advice or queries. They are ever ready to share their experience for your benefit and to make sure you have a good and resourceful time at you dream university!
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