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Pursuing Medicine from the UK- How to go about it? The importance of public health…

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ivy league mentors

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Community service

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deferred decision

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Why this University

  You complete filling the application form, personal statements and the common essays, and just…

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Barring publications, your CV should be no longer than one page long. Yes, you read that right. Elon Musk’s CV is a half page. If he can fit his lifelong accomplishments into a half page, there’s no reason you can’t fit your accomplishments in a full page. If it is more than one page, colleges won’t care about what extends beyond the first one. So there really is no point in having a long CV: it’s unprofessional and a waste of time.

Writing a UCAS Personal Statement can be daunting, and very different from anything you’ve written before. There isn’t much room for creativity in the traditional sense: you can’t tell personal stories, or be humorous in a way that you would be in your Common Application. But there is room for creativity in terms of how you present yourself and what you’ve done. This how-to will help you understand what’s expected of you, and how you can give the admissions staff exactly that.

common app prompts decoded

We at Rostrum are committed to give you comprehensive essay advice to help you navigate the Common App prompts. So take a peek at what the 2020-21 application has in store for you. We have decoded each of the 7 prompts for you.



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