Ivy Leagues are amongst the most prestigious universities in the United States and across the world. These eight elite Northeastern private schools are noted for their highly selective admissions procedure, academic brilliance, and promising job prospects for enrolled students.

Ivy League schools, which were first grouped together as a sports conference, have a history of nurturing the world’s best athletic talent, future presidents, Nobel laureats, and other high-achieving graduates. Some of the oldest educational institutions with well-respected academics, significant research funds, and extensive financial assistance resources make up the Ivy League. Prospective students’ applications must be exceptional in order to get admitted.

To stand out from the crowd, focus on specific areas:
It doesn’t come as a surprise that Ivy League colleges are on the lookout for individuals who can contribute to their rich and diverse student communities. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for getting into your dream Ivy League school, there are specific actions you take during your high school experience, to improve your chances. Ivy Leagues want to know about your ability to make a difference through the admissions process. Examining your past achievements and involvements is a common approach for admission officers to forecast your future achievements. In order to prepare for admissions for such prestigious universities, there are four primary areas to concentrate on in high school:

Make sensible course selections in high school:

Ivy league universities seek out students that have the potential to specialise in their careers. Choosing intellectually challenging classes that align with your interests is a great way to showcase your dedication. Plan your curriculum for academic possibilities early on in your high school experience. Admissions to Ivy League colleges is not based on a set of specified courses. Most experts believe that students who thrive in advanced placement courses and tough curricula across a wide range of subjects and disciplines are best prepared for the rigorous demands of an Ivy League education.

Goals and Character Qualities

No two Ivy League students are the same. Ivy Leagues want to see your passion, devotion, and interest in your future efforts based on all of the options you have access to. It’s critical that you take initiative and seek out possibilities that broaden your horizons. Ivy league universities need students that are energetic and enthusiastic. High school is an excellent opportunity to learn about new things and get active in fields that interest you. What piques your interest? What distinguishes you from others? What will you do to make yourself stand out in a significant way?

Extracurricular activities and interests
Ivy league institutions are as curious about your work and interests outside of the classroom. They want to see commitment to a cause and  leadership responsibilities you’ve held, your successes and  failures. Most importantly, they want to know how you’ve grown from those experiences. That isn’t to imply you should participate in every sport or volunteer for every charity. Maintaining a focus on topics that provide significant value to your life or you are genuinely passionate about is crucial. The importance of quality above quantity cannot be overstated. Ivy Leagues are interested in learning about your effect on a cause, team, or community, as well as how the experience affected your life.

Make meaningful connections.
Two reference letters, prepared by teachers, counsellors, coaches, or mentors, will be requested as part of your admissions application. Ivy League schools want to hear from the teachers and instructors who know the most about your academic success. They construct a link between you and the institution, demonstrating to admissions personnel what function you might play on their campus. It’s critical that you develop strong – yet open – academic ties with your teachers and advisers throughout your senior year. Universities expect to discover precise proof of your intellectual vibrancy, personality, and life narrative via your letters of recommendation. Personal characteristics that test scores and grades cannot show, are revealed in your letters of recommendation.

How will Rostrum Education help you?
Rostrum Students work closely with ex-admission officers and mentors from the most exclusive US universities, such as Harvard, Stanford, Tufts et cetera. Our organisational structure with centers in India and the UAE is highly effective at cracking the admissions process. Here’s everything Rostrum helps students with during their application process:

  • Goal Alignment: If you’re applying to an Ivy it is imperative to be target oriented. Our team at Rostrum helps you align your work to  applications deadlines, and helps you set goals. You never have to worry about deadlines again.
  • SAT/ACT Preparation: Rostrum Students are intensely prepared to score highly in standardised examinations.
  • Profile Building: Our team of highly experienced former admissions personnel help you find the internships that can elevate your profile, and competitions that complement your academic interests.
  • Research Project: We link you with research experts who help you right from the brainstorming stage to writing your final report.
  • Applications: Rostrum guarantees holistic support throughout your application process. Deadlines, content, planning and more is all very meticulously taken care of.
  • Shortlisting Colleges/ Universities: We assist students in shortlisting the colleges/universities and provide you with the top picks unique to you, keeping in mind your field of study and country of choice.
  • Essays and LOR: A remarkably written essay helps you with scholarships and to be a stand out applicant. Our team helps you brainstorm the best topic and works with you closely to make sure the content is perfect. 
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: Applying for scholarships and financial aid is an overwhelming task. We make sure that every required document is submitted within the deadline. We also do extensive research to find you all available scholarships available for the course that you’ve applied for and your eligibility for it.




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