The GRE, or Graduate Record Examination, is a graduate-level entrance examination used by several graduate and business school programmes. Graduate and business schools evaluate all applicants using the GRE. Along with being academically intense and academically challenging, the GRE is a test of a student's stamina and ability to strategize and plan ahead. The test takes 3 hours and 45 minutes from start to finish. This needs to factor into the preparation for this exam.


The Graduate Reform Examination General Test has questions that closely reflect the skills you need to succeed in highly competitive, demanding graduate school programs, including business and law. The GRE lets you skip questions within a section, you can go back and change answers, and have the flexibility to choose which questions within a section you want to answer first.
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The GRE General Test is a standardized test meant to assess general intellectual preparedness for graduate school and is administered by the Educational Testing Service or ETS. Some graduate schools require applicants to take the GRE General Test as well as the GRE Subject Test, which evaluates technical knowledge in a specific area such as physics, psychology, or mathematics.
The exam is split into 3 sections:
1. Verbal reasoning
2. Quantitative reasoning
3. Analytical writing skills


What is the duration of the GRE -Rostrum Education

You should plan to sit for the exam for around four hours on GRE Test Day, including test-taking time and short breaks. This time does not include the time you check in at the testing centre. It is critical to be on time and prepared. You should arrive at the testing centre at least 30 minutes before your scheduled test time, according to ETS.


Before you start to prepare for the GRE, it is important tokeep a goal in mind. The exam is made of three components; Verbal, Quantitative (math), and Analytical Writing. The GRE evaluates your writing and analytical abilities, knowledge of basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry topics, college-level vocabulary, and verbal reasoning. The verbal component is scored from 130 to 170 in 1-mark increments. The same goes for the quantitative reasoning section. On the other hand, the analytical writing portion is scored from 0 to 6 in half-point increments. This grading system is already difficult to understand.

However, it gets more confusing when we go from absolute scores to percentiles. Every GRE result consists of a percentile rank and a scaled score (between 130 and 170). The scaled score is not as significant as your percentile rank. Your percentile rank shows how your GRE results stack up against those of other test takers. For instance, a scaled Verbal score of 150 on the GRE corresponds to roughly the 47th percentile, which means that you performed better than 47% of other test-takers and worse than the remaining 53%.

The Analytical Essay is graded a little differently, where each of the six grades corresponds to a specific percentile. This changes from year to year and the exact percentile can be viewed on the official GRE website.

A good GRE score would be in the top ten percentile. This means a percentile of 90 plus. On average, this would require a score of 163-170 on the verbal assessment, 165-170 on the quantitative assessment and 5.0-6.0 on the essay. However, it is more important to achieve the scores needed for your personal goals. This can be figured out by checking if the university you want to apply to has a cut-off mark for acceptance or a scholarship.

Your verbal score might not matter to some programmes, but your math score might, and vice versa. You will know exactly where to focus your preparation efforts if a programme doesn’t care about your math or essay scores. The GRE may be something you decide to retake.

However, it would be helpful to understand the significance of that opening score. You can take test one with a little more ease if you know that a school will accept your highest GRE score because you can retake it if necessary.

It is essential to note that the GRE score will never be the most important part of your admission. You need to consider other factors like extracurriculars, GPA, statement of purpose, your undergraduate course work, etc.


If you’re wondering what the appropriate time is to take the GRE, here’s everything you need to know. The GRE is offered several times throughout the year. This makes it easy for you to complete the test according to your study schedule. However, it is recommended that you leave yourself some breathing room before the deadline for your application.

If you need to complete the application by the end of December, for example, booking the GRE date in October is a good idea. This will provide you with some time to retake the exam if you’re not happy with your results.

The GRE test is not required by all universities. Students should, however, verify with their prospective universities to determine their eligibility for admission. The GRE is accepted by colleges all across the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada.


Please keep your passport and debit/credit card accessible before registering for the GRE. Make sure the information you enter on the ETS portal matches what’s on your passport.

To register for the GRE, follow these steps:

  • Create an ETS account on the official ETS website.
    Check This:-
  • Go to your ETS account and log in.
  • Choose the GRE you want to take and the testing location.
  • After you’ve confirmed the testing centre, choose a test time and date for the exam before proceeding to payment.
  • Go over your application again.
  • Finish the registration procedure by paying the registration cost online using a debit or credit card.
  • After your payment is finalised, you will get an email confirming your GRE registration to the email address you provided.


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Best GRE Online Coaching, GRE Exam Preparation & GRE Prep Course in India & UAE

An excellent technique is to use a range of study resources and assess your preparation for the test by taking GRE practice tests. The ideal method would be to use a combination of GRE online coaching, GRE practice exams, and going through the previous years’ GRE questions. You must have methods and practices to follow to get a good GRE score.

To begin your preparation you first need to find your baseline which will allow you to know how much effort you need to to achieve your aims. The score you would get on the GRE today is your baseline score. Take a full-length GRE practice test in the same testing environment as the real test before creating a study schedule. The outcomes will direct your preparation by highlighting the topic areas you should pay more attention to.

Next, you need to make a plan to close the gap between your target and your current score. You need a wise preparation strategy that will hold you accountable and produce the outcomes you need, regardless of whether you select a prep course, online programme, or test preparation book. You can locate the ideal atmosphere for you with a little bit of investigation. Online courses may be the best as it is the right balance between rigour and the freedom of having a professor to answer your queries while yet being flexible in terms of scheduling.

When taking practice exams and drills, concentrate on your approach to each question. You can practise ideas and test-taking techniques using paper and pencil examinations, but you need to make sure to include online practice in your study plan to assist you in getting ready for the experience of a computer-based test.

After taking mock GRE examinations, always evaluate your results. What types of inquiries do you frequently omit? Which sorts of questions do you often ace, and which ones do you struggle with? Having access to a GRE instructor can help you out. It’s not just about knowing the material, test preparation also involves developing your pace and test-taking abilities. To be fully prepared, sit down with a coach to discuss how you did on practice exams and create a personalised strategy for achieving your GRE score target.

Since the GRE Verbal section still places high value on vocabulary, reading reputable sources like academic journals or some of the more esoteric newspapers and periodicals can help you become familiar with a range of vocabulary. Add additional terms to your collection as you come across them on practice exams or practice tasks.

You have access to a calculator on the GRE as part of the on-screen presentation, and it may be quite helpful if utilised properly! However, the calculator may also be dangerous. Determine when using a calculator improves accuracy and when mastering the fundamentals of a difficult arithmetic issue is preferable.


Best GRE Online Coaching, GRE Exam Preparation & GRE Prep Course in India & UAE

One of the most common concerns among GRE students is where to begin their preparation. Some students choose traditional private tuition, coaching sessions, or self-study, but online prep courses have recently become a popular choice among students. If you’re unsure whether to attend coaching courses or prepare online, here are a few reasons why online exam prep is becoming increasingly popular among test takers across the world.

Here are some advantages of GRE online coaching versus classroom instruction to assist you to make an informed decision.

  • Versatile and adaptable

    Since the majority of those taking the GRE test are either working or studying, time is the most significant barrier when it comes to studying. Attending a time-consuming GRE classroom course is out of the question for you. If you choose these lessons, you will have to sacrifice two or three hours of your everyday routine to attend GRE classes. You also won’t be able to make up any lessons if you miss a few. On the other hand, GRE online coaching allows you to choose your schedule and intensity from the comfort of your own home.

  • Evaluation

    It might be tough for the tutor to find out your skills and limitations in a group of 30 students. Because the tutor must concentrate on the entire class, you will never be their priority. Technology restructures the process for you with online GRE prep. Algorithms and adaptive technologies are used in online courses to adjust to your performance and assist you with your weak areas. As a result, you’ll receive a course that adjusts to your abilities.

  • Updated teaching methods

    The content at most coaching institutes is not updated every year. For many years, their lectures and sample papers remained the same. Content quality may not remain constant in online prep courses. Rostrum’s content is constantly updated and incorporates the most up-to-date data and gives you the latest information.

  • Track progress

    After taking a practice exam, our online GRE online coaching provides you with instant results as well as an analysis. This allows you to track your progress and your mentor to assess your strengths and shortcomings.

What makes Rostrum’s instructors unique?

Best GRE Online Coaching, GRE Exam Preparation & GRE Prep Course in India & UAE

  • Perfect Foundation

    We help you construct a solid conceptual foundation by equipping you with resources and tutoring systematically. We also undertake classroom exercises and employ a multitude of techniques to aid you in formulating a unique test-taking strategy.

  • Subject Test Guidance

    GRE Subject Tests give your application an advantage over the others. Rostrum offers you coaching for all 6 GRE Subject Tests, no matter where you belong, as we provide tutoring services all over the world, including India and UAE. We assist you in choosing the right subjects which will help you showcase your strengths. We also provide additional support to improve your understanding of a subject.

  • Analytical Writing Skills

    If you are taking the GRE, you need to develop the necessary language, writing, critical thinking and analytical skills to attempt both sections in Analytical Writing. We understand that you can’t develop them overnight. Our tutors help you improve your analytical and writing skills using comprehensive methods and also by taking GRE mock tests.

  • GRE practice test series

    Ever wished you could obtain a complete drill-down analysis, from a histogram displaying your marks, time taken, and attempts vs the top scorers to a line graph showing marks vs percentile? Not only that, but we also take a lot of GMAT mock tests and practice the previous year’s GRE question paper to help you improve your abilities with each try so you can give it your all on the big day. To start the journey with us, click on the button below.

Over 600,000 applicants take the test every year, be best placed with us! We espouse a 90% entrance rate of students giving the test with our prep from all over the world, including India and UAE.





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