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The Basics:
The client is notified that Rostrum Education is an impartial and unbiased organisation that offers educational consulting and counselling services; it is not connected to any educational institution and does not assure entry into any university. As a result, Rostrum Education won’t be held responsible if a candidate is denied admission to any college or university.

Services and Costs

Services Offered and Fees:

A definitive list of Rostrum Education’s services and the related costs are provided on the website. The website’s prices and fees are listed as exclusive of applicable taxes. Before the start of the services, full payment is required.

  • Scholarships, Financial Aid and Fundraising: The scope of our services does not include help with financial aid documentation (forms, bank letters, etc.), nor does it cover continuous assistance in finding sources of money for additional studies. However, Rostrum Education may answer general inquiries about scholarships and financial aid.
  • Visa Assistance: Rostrum Education, does not send applicants to consulates and government study abroad offices, nor do we provide guidance or guarantee in obtaining a visa to study abroad in any nation.
  • Test Preparation: Rostrum Education does provide general test preparation, standardised test preparation, or help for any tests. The applicant is in charge of arranging registration, tracking test dates, and reporting results to universities.
  • Materials from the School/Employees: As part of our service, we may assist in planning letters of reference from the School/Employees. To make sure that the paperwork is uploaded on time, the candidate must work with their referee in advance.

Payments: Rostrum Education encourages prompt, timely and complete payment of system-generated bills by internet banking, credit card, and debit card. The work of Rostrum Education will begin as soon as the money receipts are verified. Any additional expenses for other application fees, suggested service partners, WES, any courier incidental expenses, paid workshops, etc. are not the responsibility of Rostrum Education.

Fees are not refundable, transferrable, or partially or fully refundable. All payments are paid in relation to a certain application cycle (defined below) or mentoring program, specific services, and a specific applicant. Payments are not transferrable to other services, future cycles, or family members, and they are not refundable. Once the application cycle and process end, the case is considered concluded.

The client is informed that Rostrum Education is only a guidance consultant or counsellor and cannot offer or guarantee any outcomes, including admissions, internships, interviews, or results. Any responsibility resulting from the unsatisfactory performance of the services or failure to comply with the requirements set out herein shall in no event exceed the amounts paid by the Client. For instance, while Rostrum Education may offer some support with regard to scheduling interviews, the client is completely responsible for doing proper checks on the schedule, venue, and other factors.

Schedule & Hours of Work

Please note that the schedule below uses Indian Standard Time for all dates and times.
Hours of Operation: Rostrum Education is open from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Indian Standard Time, Monday through Saturday. Availability on Saturday varies based on when the application cycle is.

Meeting Scheduling: The Rostrum Education team may arrange meetings with you in less than 48 working hours.
Public Holidays: The holiday season will reduce the availability of Rostrum Education experts (specifically Diwali and Christmas).

Holiday availability and application cycles:
Undergraduate Admissions for Fall Applicants.
Typical, applications for admission to institutions outside of India are submitted between August and January. Admissions decisions are subsequently made between the following March and July, and classes start in August or September. When you join Rostrum Education, preparation and assistance for the undergraduate application cycle start, and they last until about May of the year the admissions choices are made.

Diwali: All application-related services must be obtained no later than October 25, for applications due around November 1. To be explicit, from November 2, to November 6, Rostrum Education will not be accessible for early application-related suggestions.
December 1: All application-related services must be acquired no later than November 23, for applications that are due around December 1. To be explicit, starting on November 23, Rostrum Education will not be accessible for application-related inputs for the December 1 deadline.

December: On December 23, Rostrum Education will finish all work associated with current cycle applications. On January 4, we’ll start working on applications again. To be explicit, from December 24, to January 4, Rostrum Education will not be open for application-related contributions.

January: On January 8, Rostrum Education will finish its work on the applications for the application cycle year. To be explicit, starting on January 9, Rostrum Education will not be accessible for application-related inputs. The dates will be determined on a case-by-case basis in circumstances where there are worldwide universities with deadlines that are later than mid-January. One week prior to the application deadline, Rostrum Education will not be reviewing any application materials. (will not review application portals, essays, or any other related documents)

Postgraduate Admissions: Applications to institutions outside of India are normally submitted between August and January (for the autumn intake). Admissions decisions are subsequently made between December and the following April, and classes start in August or September. At Rostrum Education, assistance with the postgraduate application cycle starts about April 1 of one year and lasts until about March 31 of the next year.

December: On Monday, December 21, Rostrum Education will finish all work associated with the current cycle applications for the calendar year. Work on the current cycle applications will start again on January 5, To be clear, from Tuesday, December 21, through Tuesday, January 4, Rostrum Education will not be open for application-related contributions.

Summer School: Summer school sessions normally start in June, July, or August after applications for summer programs outside of India have been accepted on a rolling basis between November and the following March.

Rostrum Education’s Obligations

Guidance, Not Confirmation: Rostrum Education helps candidates create application materials, such as but not limited to essays, resumes, form inputs, and letters of reference (if applicable). The candidate is responsible for creating and/or obtaining all necessary documentation, including letters of recommendation. Rostrum Education will offer strategic recommendations that the applicant can use.

Work Plans: Rostrum Education will work with each applicant to build a unique work plan for developing and submitting materials/profiles. All application components must be delivered by the internal finalization deadlines provided by Rostrum Education, which are typically seven to ten days before the actual submission date. Within 7 days from the application deadline, Rostrum Education will not assess any application components, Essays or review of the portal.

Communication Response Time: The main forms of communication for Rostrum Education are email and WhatsApp. Rostrum Education will attempt to respond in detail, if necessary, within 48 business hours after receiving phone, email, or text contacts.

Material Turnaround Time: Rostrum Education operates from Monday through Saturday. This means that any materials you provide us by Monday morning will be evaluated and returned at the latest by Saturday at the end of the business day. Unexpected events may cause a delay, even though we always try to return documents as quickly as possible, especially when submission deadlines draw near.

Client Confidentiality – Information provided to Rostrum Education won’t be disclosed to anybody outside the company. Furthermore, we never utilize names without authorization or divulge our client list.
Collaboration among the team. Rostrum Education has a group of highly skilled professionals on staff that will help you through the procedure. Your lead consultant, who will serve as your main point of contact during this program, will be allocated to you. Please make sure you have excellent communication with him/her/them.

Completing the materials – Throughout the process of developing your application, many individuals might wish to contribute their ideas. This is fantastic, and we advise you to ask them for guidance as early in the process as possible. It is best not to reopen your application documents once we have finalized them. Our finalization process is collaborative and always involves a minimum of two readers to ensure the greatest quality. Rostrum Education will not reassess this content if an application is modified after the finalization. You are welcome to make any changes after finalisation.

The Client’s/Applicant’s Obligations

Original Work: For application submissions, the candidate must prepare or generate materials including resumes, institutional-specific essays, and other additional papers. Any content that has been submitted to an educational institution that has been plagiarized in whole or in part is not the responsibility of Rostrum Education.

Utilize Rostrum Education’s Comments to the Fullest Extent: Applicants are required to carefully evaluate Rostrum Education’s feedback on their application materials, including any recommendations, queries, suggested language changes, and potential deletions. In the event that any Rostrum Education input is unclear, kindly request clarification.

Regular Communication: Rostrum Education is aware that candidates have a lot of conflicting demands on their time. Please email us or WhatsApp message frequently, even with brief status updates or updates, so that we can support you.
Give Rostrum Education a copy of your schedule, including any exams (if any), and any travel arrangements: The commitments and timetable of each candidate differ. Please be sure to inform Rostrum Education of any scheduling challenges or openings you may encounter. Please let us know, for instance, if you have a deadline for a job assignment, a family duty, or a school. Rostrum Education disclaims all liability for any delays brought on by the applicant’s actions, inaction, or failure to communicate.

Be realistic about your expectations. Quality application materials/roadmaps often require careful, in-depth planning that takes time, space, and distance to complete. Therefore, it is asked that applicants consider this while analyzing Rostrum Education’s comments and when seeking or anticipating urgent feedback or contributions.

Email: When sending emails, please remember to “Reply All” or “CC” the applicant, guardian, and Rostrum Education consultants as well as all other pertinent, interested persons.

Follow Rostrum Education on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay up to current on information about creating a profile, the application process, future events, scholarships, and other pertinent subjects.

Please provide a final PDF of all pertinent application materials to your shared file folder after submitting your application to the educational institution. These resources assist the Rostrum Education team in evaluating the content that can be recycled as well as assisting you in getting ready for interviews and future submissions. These files are safely preserved within our internal systems and not distributed outside Rostrum Education.

Satisfaction Survey and Testimonials: To assist enhance service offerings, Rostrum Education will ask for feedback following the interaction through customer survey and/or through email. Rostrum Education may also ask for testimonials, which will only be used once the candidate has given their final consent and will remain anonymous. Finally, Rostrum Education can ask you to act as a reference for potential customers. Rostrum education may use the student’s photograph for any promotional or motivational purposes, student will not claim any commercial against the same.

Keep Rostrum Education Materials Confidential: Only candidates who have hired the company for profile development, application, advising, and associated services are permitted to utilize the materials that Rostrum Education generates and provides under its exclusive license. There should be no sharing of these materials.

Scope of Responsibility

Rostrum Education will provide the following educational counselling services to the client:

  • Consultation on the client’s academic and career goals
  • Assistance with building an application strategy
  • Shortlisting universities based on entry requirements
  • Brainstorming sessions for essays
  • Assistance for editing essays, resumes, and letters of recommendation
  • Other services as agreed upon by the Counselor and Client

Code of Conduct

Clients are expected to treat Rostrum Employees with respect, decency, and fairness.

The client shall show respect for our values, beliefs, cultures, and faiths.
While participating and setting up meetings with the mentors, you shall follow any reasonable directions given by our mentors.

No form of harassment, victimisation, bullying, discrimination or threatening, malicious or abusive language or conduct will be tolerated towards our staff, visitors, other customers or service providers.

Cancellation of meetings is to be done 24 hours in advance and to be communicated to the mentor.

If the client fails to show up for a scheduled meeting, the mentors are only obligated to wait for 10 minutes from the time or else the meeting is terminated. We will not be held responsible for the delay in work in that case.

Technology and Communication Tools:

Application Management Platform, Google Drive & Meet, Zoom, Skype, and other web-based technology platforms are used by Rostrum Education in the delivery of its services. It is crucial that the applicant has constant access to a computer and the Internet on a regular basis. Although not necessary, having a smartphone with Internet connectivity is useful. Please notify Rostrum Education as soon as possible if an applicant cannot use such technology.

Application Management Platform: Rostrum Education will organize files on the online file-sharing platform using folders and subfolders. Please don’t make your own folders and utilize these ones as directed. The candidate will be added to this system by Rostrum Education so they may monitor the status of their essays, resumes, and other application-related materials. All papers submitted by applicants must be updated utilizing our naming standard on this platform. On this platform, the profile will also be kept up to date.

To increase productivity and efficiency, additional rules may occasionally be distributed and put into practice.



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