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US Colleges that offer Athletic Recruitment

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is divided into three main divisions, each offering a unique experience for student-athletes. Additionally, there’s the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) and junior colleges, providing more options for aspiring atheletes.

DIVISION I The highest level of college sports competition in the United States. Large universities with big athletic budgets.
Demands intense training and dedication.
Notable Ivy League schools fall under this category.
List of NCAA Division I Schools
DIVISION II Offers a balanced approach to college sports. Requires training and practice but is less intense than DI.
Offers athletic scholarships to 60% of athletes.
Suitable for those who want to compete and have a well-rounded college experience.
List of NCAA Division II Schools
DIVISION III Focuses on both academics and athletics. Much less demanding than DI and DII, allowing for a balanced life.
No athletic scholarships, but financial aid is available based on needs.
Emphasizes academics and provides a well-rounded college experience.
List of NCAA Division III Schools
NAIA Offers a competitive level of play. Comprises primarily private schools.
These schools offer close to $800 million in athletic scholarships annually.
Known for increasing competition and life/sports balance.
NAIA Member Schools
Junior Colleges Affordable and practical option. Affordable and offer scholarships.
Opportunity to earn college credit.
Junior college athletes can make an impact right away.
Practical path to a four-year college roster.
List of NJCAA Member Colleges

Each Division provides a unique experience, allowing student-athletes to choose the best fit for their academic and athletic goals.

Brown University Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth College Harvard University Princeton University University of Pennsylvania Yale University

Your Journey to Athletic Recruitment at Top US Colleges with Rostrum

Gauge Your Sporting Ability & Establish Appropriate Goals

As an aspiring student-athlete, it is crucial to embark on your journey with a clear understanding of your sporting goals. Evaluate your current athletic abilities, your potential for improvement, and your commitment to your education.

At Rostrum, we can assist you in targeting the most suitable athletic division for your abilities and finding the college that aligns with your educational goals. Our expertise optimizes your chances of receiving scholarships or funding packages to attend a US college.

Search for the Ideal US College

When exploring athletic placements in the US college system, focus on universities that align with your athletic aspirations. The US college system comprises three major associations: NCAA, NJCAA, and NAIA, each with multiple athletic divisions. These divisions have varying academic and athletic standards, so it’s essential to choose the one that matches your goals.

Our team will work with you to narrow down your options to colleges that perfectly fit your aspirations. Remember that American universities recruit student-athletes well in advance, so planning is crucial.

Build a Superior Academic/Athletic Resume

Accepting a scholarship to participate in US college athletics is akin to paid employment. Coaches expect you to excel both athletically and academically. Therefore, your resume sent to potential college coaches should be well-crafted and comprehensive.

With years of experience, our team has developed a formula for organizing student-athlete resumes to ensure they grab the attention of US college coaches.

Marketing Yourself as a Student-Athlete

The recruitment process is a series of marketing strategies. Your resume, recruiting video, and how you communicate with coaches are vital aspects of marketing yourself as a student-athlete. Our mentors’ expertise can help you better market yourself to potential US college coaches.

Marketing Yourself as a Student-Athlete

A compelling recruiting video is crucial for success in receiving athletic placement offers. Your video should highlight specific skills through game performance and practice drills. International student-athletes, in particular, rely heavily on the quality of their recruiting videos.

Building Relationships with Athletic Recruiters

At Rostrum, we understand the importance of connecting with athletic recruiters and coaches to make your dream a reality. Our mentors provide you with necessary guidance to help you build strong relationships with athletic recruiters and increase your chances of successful athletic recruitment in the US.

Why Building Relationships Matters

Increased Visibility

By connecting with recruiters, you increase your visibility and chances of being noticed by colleges and universities.

Tailored Opportunities

Recruiters can provide insights into programs that align with your athletic goals and academic interests, ensuring a well-rounded college experience.

Scholarship Opportunities

Building strong relationships with recruiters enhances your chances of securing athletic scholarships, which can significantly reduce the cost of education.

Personalized Guidance

Recruiters can offer personalized guidance on the recruitment process, making it smoother and more efficient.

Secure Athletic Scholarships with Rostrum

At Rostrum, we craft a personalized scholarship strategy tailored to your unique talents and aspirations. Our expert mentors work closely with you to identify scholarship opportunities that align with your academic and athletic goals.

We recognize that the recruitment process fundamentally involves marketing yourself as a student-athlete. Rostrum equips you with the skills and knowledge to effectively market your athletic abilities to college coaches.

Crafting a standout student-athlete resume is essential. Our team guides you in enhancing your resume to highlight your athletic achievements, academic excellence, and leadership qualities, making you a compelling scholarship candidate.

Effective communication is key to impressing college coaches. Rostrum offers training to enhance your communication skills, ensuring you make a lasting impression in written correspondence and interviews.

For international student-athletes, remote evaluations are common. Rostrum ensures your video effectively communicates your abilities, increasing your chances of earning scholarships from colleges abroad.

Our primary goal is to help you maximize your impact on college coaches. With Rostrum’s support, you’ll present yourself as a well-rounded student-athlete, significantly enhancing your scholarship opportunities.



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