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To start off, the question that pops is why choose a boarding school?

There are diversified reasons to choose boarding schools for the education of your child. Generally, parents prefer to send their children to study at a boarding school when they require their child to be more study-oriented and face more challenging academics. A boarding school helps a student’s mind to be centered around studies and Students and teachers living together definitely adds on as a significant benefit. Boarding schools have a record of having an excellent education model and Rostrum helps students from all over the world, including but not limited to, India and UAE.

It highly depends on the student’s preference of the country, but there are a lot of options that can be considered around the world-

It’s reasonable to say that boarding schools are safer than day schools since they have fewer pupils who use public transit. Despite COVID-19, several residential schools remained operational in 2020. These universities are like little bubbles, with almost all of the students and faculty remaining on campus.

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread, youngsters face an uphill battle in developing the social skills they’ll need later in life. Zoom or Microsoft Teams can only imitate in-class teaching and learning to a certain amount, therefore parents all around the world increasingly think that boarding schools are good for their children’s social-emotional development.

COVID-19, several residential schools - Rostrum Education

Benefits of going to a Boarding School

1. Cultural influences
International education will help pupils develop a global outlook no matter where they go to college. International schools encourage students to learn about other cultures throughout the world by teaching them about various countries and their people. Students may learn more about other cultures and the globe outside of the classroom by taking courses like the IB Diploma or Cambridge International Examinations. This experience is further enhanced by the option to study abroad, which exposes students to a different culture on a daily basis.

Regardless of whether or not they attend an international school in their hometown, students are nonetheless heavily impacted by the culture in which they grew up  especially in countries like India and UAE. No matter how much time they spend on college learning other languages, discussing global issues, and studying a more globally inclusive curriculum, kids will still return to the same neighbourhoods they’ve known their whole lives.

2. Opportunities for growth
Despite the fact that they are studying in their home country, students are still able to enjoy all the conveniences of home. So, being autonomous isn’t as important, and the experience is fairly comparable to attending a regular high school in the region. In spite of this, living abroad offers students a unique opportunity to learn and broaden their perspectives.

Whereas studying abroad gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture while also building their self-esteem in an unfamiliar setting like the UK or the US. High school students can also learn about the university process and job prospects in the nation they’ve temporarily immigrated to. This is especially useful for individuals who wish to continue their studies in a foreign nation. Overall, studying abroad broadens students’ horizons and awareness of how the world operates outside of their own culture and neighborhood. This provides pupils an opportunity to experience a different way of life and grasp new chances in several vital area.

Opportunities for growth -Rostrum Education

3. Enhances sense of personal accountability
Students who go to boarding school are more responsible than those who go to a traditional school. The curriculum in boarding schools is extremely strict, and students are expected to work hard to maintain the school’s excellent reputation  unlike the India and the UAE.

4. Academically Centred
One of the primary reasons to select a Boarding School is the environment it provides, which allows a student to centre their minds solely around studies’ and change deviate At boarding schools, for the students enrolled, the schedule is set for the week, which becomes more intense during exam season. This helps the student to be organised and teaches them to allocate their time well and be able to wrap the portions for exams. They also offer a wider range of subject choices. The experience of learning extends beyond the classroom as the teachers live on campus and it helps with ample opportunities for the students to clarify their doubts on subjects, which comes in handy during examination


5. Qualified Teachers
Boarding Schools are recognised to have some of the best and most competent teachers. These teachers do not approach what they do as a job but something that they are passionate about, given the number of hours that they put in with their students even after class hours. Their ultimate goal is to help students be well-prepared for college and act on their boards. They help students come up to their full potential and immerse their hours in studying.

6. Small Classroom Sizes
There are usually fewer students at a boarding school which helps mentors to pay attention more acutely. This helps in giving more attention to individual learning and the teachers are able to provide more material to the students. Detailed attention allows students to comprehend the concepts better. The students are able to interact among themselves which caters to healthy discussions as well. This helps them do well with their tests and boards which in turn helps them get into top universities.

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7. Self Sustaining
Boarding Schools are really helpful in making students self-reliant and independent. Throughout the day, every activity is done by them without the involvement of any outside body. It teaches them how to manage time better, perform domestic chores, is in charge of their possessions, and learn how to maturely handle situations on their own since they don’t always have access to call home. Their cognitive reasoning and analytical functioning become stronger. Most graduates who were taught at a boarding school remark, being able to learn how to manage their own academic and personal responsibilities at a young age.

8. Less Distractions
Boarding school students can focus more effectively because they are free of conventional distractions like television, video games and phones. This helps them focus more on school and helps them do better academically

How does Rostrum help?

We make sure that students stand out from the crowd:

1. Assisting with the application process, including understanding the admissions standards and processes for competitive institutions
For parents and kids who want to locate the best-fitting schools. Our group has a lot of experience working with boarding schools. We help students in all aspects of their academic and career development. When it comes to finding the right school for a student, we take into account all of his or her abilities, interests, personality traits, and natural abilities. In order to meet your specific needs and increase your chances of admission to the best private and boarding schools, we guide you through every stage of the application process.

What’s Included? Our education experts will…

  • Examine and analyze your academic background and extracurricular engagement
  • Track and evaluate your academic and extracurricular development
  • Propose schools based on your preferences, aspirations and successes
  • Help you craft an outstanding application
  • Work to increase your self-confidence, professionalism, and
    interviewing skills
  • Give advice on how to ask for references and letters of

…and anything else that comes up along the way!

How Does The Rostrum Help

2. Tailored assistance in preparation for on-campus or Skype admissions interviews
Boarding/day schools and universities across the United States are requiring overseas students to prepare for third-party interviews. For Vericant or in-person interviews, we generally provide sessions of preparation and mock sessions too. Due to the overwhelming number of overseas students applying to US boarding schools, admissions staff place an increasing emphasis on the student interview as a way to verify English proficiency and determine a student’s fit.

3. Students whose families are unable to join them or carefully monitor their scholastic and social
Assurance that any of their concerns will be promptly addressed by a reputable and trustworthy local The services provided after enrolment include assistance and preparation for school, academic and logistical support on campus after students arrive and advice throughout a student’s academic career. When difficulties or challenges emerge, we function as parents’ local eyes and ears on the ground. We also provide translation services, attend meetings, and act as a student’s local champion.

Top UK Boarding Schools -Rostrum Education

Top UK Boarding Schools

  • Westminster School 
  • St Paul’s School
  • Eton College
  • Harrow School
  • Sevenoaks School
  • Winchester College
  • Rugby School
  • Wellington College
  • Whitgift School
  • Badminton School
  • Charterhouse School
  • Marlborough College
  • Cheltenhem College

What are the benefits of attending a boarding school in the United Kingdom?
Boarding schools in the United Kingdom provide students with a world-class education, enabling them to further their careers and attend college. All boarding schools in the United Kingdom are required by law to fulfil high government requirements for the quality of their teaching, facilities, and student care.

Many boarding schools in the United Kingdom blend gorgeous,
century-old structures with a mix of contemporary and traditional classrooms. Students’ English proficiency will increase as a result of the outstanding facilities, which combine to make living and learning an enjoyable experience

Switching from convention schools to Boarding schools:
If you want your child to be totally immersed in an educational environment, and/or you have a busy career yourself, the boarding school has much to offer and it’s worth seriously considering. As we’ve seen, there are a great many benefits to a boarding school education that your child won’t receive from a conventional day school education.

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