The Scholastic Aptitude Test is a college entrance test most colleges and universities use to select incoming students. It's a multiple-choice, paper-and-pencil, and timed exam. The SAT helps mark a student’s readiness for college. It also makes it easier for colleges to have one standardised test to weigh all applicants. College admissions officers of universities review the standardised test scores alongside your High School GPA, letters of recommendation from mentors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays. The relevance of SAT scores varies from college to college and university to university.
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The SAT helps mark a student’s readiness for college. This also makes it easier for colleges to have one common test that can be used to weigh all applicants. College admissions officers of universities review the standardised test scores alongside your High School GPA, letters of recommendation from mentors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays. The relevance of SAT scores varies from college to college and university to university. Even still, the higher you score on the SAT, the better chances you have of attending your institution of choice.


What is a Good SAT Score?

Before you begin the long journey of preparing for the SAT, you need to have a goal. It helps you understand how hard you need to work and which areas to focus on. One way of understanding what a good SAT score is to find a cut-off mark for the institution you’re interested in. While most universities will let you apply with a score above the 50th percentile, unless you score in the top 25th percentile, you have a low chance of getting admission to most competitive universities.

Any SAT score above the median, or 50th percentile, is typically regarded as respectable because it indicates that you outperformed the majority of test-takers. However, most prestigious universities will not accept scores below the 50th percentile. Depending on how competitive the application pool is, the bar for a good SAT score rises significantly. To achieve at least the 75th percentile, or 1200 or higher, is often preferable. One way to set these goals is to see the average SAT scores of the previous batch of accepted students. For example, in 2020 the average score for all Ivy league students was an incredible 1548 or 96.75%.

For example, Emory University’s Class of 2025 average SAT scores are on Emory’s class profile website. Using this information, you can determine that you should strive for extremely high scores of over 770 on EBRW and 780 on Math.

Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) make up your two-section scores, which range from 400 to 1600. A scale of 200–800 in 10-point increments is used for each part. A solid math or EBRW score is around 600. Depending on the universities you apply to, you will need to achieve a specific SAT score. While elite universities favour SAT scores in the 1400–1600 range, less selective institutions frequently accept candidates with scores closer to the national median.

How To Prepare for SAT

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Your SAT preparation starts with registration. When you register you can select different times, locations and dates. Pick a time and testing venue that is suitable for you. Give yourself enough time to prepare. Six months is ideal, especially since most students are preparing for their 11th or 12th-grade exams. A longer preparation window gives you more time to work on your skills and practice.

Registration for SAT 2023

The SAT is an imperative exam for students who desire to pursue their bachelor’s degree at one of the top study-abroad nations, such as the United States or Canada. Students can register for the SAT using the traditional mail-in technique or the more convenient online alternative. Candidates using the online approach must first create a login ID on the official SAT website before proceeding with the registration procedure.
To register online you need to:

  1.  Go to the official College Board website
  2. Register for an account
  3. Fill out all of the relevant fields
  4. Decide the exam you want to take and where you want to take it
  5. Take a clear snapshot and upload it
  6. Make the payment

Test Structure

The SAT is worth 1600 points, of which 800 points are for the Math portion and 800 points are for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing exam (made up of a Reading test and a Writing test). The minimum score is 400 points (200 for each section). The maximum essay score is 24, and it is optional. The essay section is scored separately out of eight points in three domains.

Except for the optional essay, majority of the exam consists of multiple-choice questions with four response options. Some of the math problems are Grid-Ins or Student-produced solutions, which call for you to compute an answer and then grid it in a specific area on your scantron. This helpful table lists the sections’ timing, number of questions, and order:



# of Questions

Time in Minutes





Writing and Language




Math No Calculator




Math Calculator




Essay (optional)






154 (+1 essay prompt)

3 hours (3 hours 50 mins with essay)

Test Content

Your knowledge and abilities are put to test in many ways throughout the exam. Additionally, you need to know the unique way of phrasing questions. You will encounter a unique combination of question types and forms in each part on test day. How you study for the SAT math will differ from your approach in the other two sections.

An important part of studying is learning the core concepts. The tutors at Rostrum Education give you the perfect balance of practice, convenience and rigour.

Find Your Weak Points

After getting a rough sense of the exam, you should identify your weak areas and establish a baseline. Taking a thorough, timed practice exam is the most effective approach. At Rostrum Education, we provide several practice exams of varying degrees of difficulty.

Locate a peaceful area for the test, and don’t forget to bring plenty of scratch paper and a reliable calculator! The environment should be as similar to an exam as possible. After finishing the practice exam, calculate your score using the specified rules for scoring. You may use this to identify your strengths and shortcomings. Examine the results again to determine which questions you missed, and note any patterns. Did you see all the reading-related questions on data interpretation? Every trigonometry sum on math? Practise the question kinds (and skill sets) mentioned above.

The SAT also offers instructions for determining subscores in some categories. This gives you a better idea of the areas within a section where you are the strongest and weakest.

Keep practising until your final test day. The more mock tests you solve, the easier it will get and the more confidence and peace of mind you will have on the actual test day.

Why SAT?

The SAT is for students who want to enrol in an undergraduate program in the countries accepting SAT. Also, the SAT is a requirement for undergraduate entrance in most universities in the United States. Further, several colleges award students SAT scholarships depending on their SAT scores.

Best SAT Online Coaching Entrance Exam Preparation Online in India & UAE

Eligibility for the SAT 2023

The College Board, which administers the SAT, has not established any precise SAT qualifying criteria for students who wish to take the exam. But here are a few basic guidelines:

1. Minimum age to take the SAT

Candidates should be aware that there is no minimum or maximum age requirement for taking the exam, nor is there an SAT age limit. According to surveys, individuals between the ages of 17 and 19 are among the most likely to take the SAT.

2. Can you take the SAT examinations more than once?

The College Board does not impose any limits on students taking the SAT exam, so they can take it as many times as they wish. In India, it is offered five times a year: March, May, August, October, and December are the most common months for the test.

3. What are the educational requirements for taking the SAT?

The College Board, which administers and controls the SAT exam, has not established any explicit qualifying requirements. Students in high school, on the other hand, can take it. Students who want to apply for undergraduate studies abroad must have finished high school and be ready to go to the next level of their studies.

Common Myths and Truths:

  • The SAT is a high-level conceptual test

    It assesses a student’s reasoning and analytical abilities. It doesn’t put the knowledge of the most difficult concepts to the test, which is only taught in advanced classes. Instead, basic knowledge questions are used to assess the ability to apply and reason.

  • The SAT is a better option than the ACT

    The SAT and ACT are equivalent in terms of college admissions. Both are international- conducted standardised tests.

  • The SAT English section is difficult

    Though it is undeniable that the SAT reading and language sections are tough, they will not prevent you from achieving a good score. If you are an avid reader, the SAT English part should be a breeze. All you need to do now is brush up on your vocabulary and improve your text-analysis skills.

  • There is no need to take the SAT Essay

    The SAT essay, though optional, should be attempted because some universities place a premium on essay scores. There is no point in giving up that opportunity.

  • I’ll have more alternatives for admission if I take both the SAT and the ACT

    Students take both tests to improve their chances of getting into a good college. Taking both of these examinations, however, is not advised. Most institutions accept scores from either the ACT or the SAT and do not have a preference between the two tests. The ACT and SAT patterns are not identical. Both demand a unique approach to preparation and skill set. It might be scary and tough to prepare for both. A better alternative would be to take one of the two tests, choosing one based on the subject competencies, the set of skills that best match your skills, and the testing style with which you are most familiar.


Best SAT Online Coaching Entrance Exam Preparation Online in India & UAE

  • Perfect Foundation

    We help you construct a solid foundation of concepts by equipping you with resources such as SAT practice tests, SAT mock tests, and tutoring. We also undertake classroom exercises and employ various techniques, such as passage mapping and answer elimination, to aid you in formulating a unique test-taking strategy. Remember that you are tested not only on your exam skills but also on your approach to the exam. The best results are obtained when hard work is combined with smart work.

  • Personalised Programmes

    All students can benefit from our preparation services regardless of their level. We help you identify what works for you and take it from there. The customisable programme allows you to make the most out of what you learn with Rostrum.

  • Subject Test Guidance

    SAT Subject Tests give your application an advantage over the others. Our SAT prep covers all three SAT subsections (Reading, Writing and Language, and Math) and the essay. Rostrum offers you coaching for all the 20 SAT Subject Tests. We assist you in choosing the right subjects which will help you showcase your strengths.

  • Essay Skills

    If you are taking the SAT with an essay, you need to develop the necessary language, writing, critical thinking and analytical skills to attempt it. We understand that you can’t develop these skills overnight. Our tutors help you build essay skills using comprehensive methods.

To know more about us, speak with our advisor and start your journey with us.



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