Oxbridge Mock Interviews

At Rostrum, we offer comprehensive and rigorous personalized support in the form of Oxbridge Mock Interviews to assist you in putting your best foot forward towards your Oxford or Cambridge application.

Interviews are an opportunity for university tutors to test the student’s critical thinking skills, their ability to deal with unseen material, analyze, structure their thoughts and communicate with brevity, exuding confidence and passion for the subject. The interview process is awarded a very high weightage in Oxford and Cambridge in particular. Going prepared is thus the best way to turn your dream into reality.

Our Oxbridge Mock Interviews develop in students the knack to answer with utmost lucidity and coherence. It exposes them to academic areas which could potentially be tested, prepares them to deal with unseen material and ambiguity and gives them the rare experience of the atmosphere they will encounter in their actual interview.


1. Our package offers four mock interviews- two of them conducted by our Oxbridge specialist, Gwyn Day and two subject-specific interviews conducted by Oxbridge graduates from the same course

2. We aim at recreating the actual interview environment to enable students to gain comfort and confidence and make it less nerve-racking for them

3. Each of the four Oxbridge Mock Interviews are followed by feedback sessions to identify action points for further preparation

4. Oxbridge graduates prepare for the student’s one on one mock interview by familiarizing themselves with his/her SOP and any submitted work, so that they can replicate the real experience as closely as possible and provide highly personalized feedback


EXPERT MENTORS – Our team of interviewers comprises highly trained Oxbridge graduates and specialists who have been through this entire process themselves and know it in and out. They are fully updated regarding the latest interview process and guidelines for Oxbridge

PERSONALISED FEEDBACK – Our experienced specialists help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. The feedback session after each Oxbridge Mock Interview is conducted to make the student aware of his/her performance, the areas they need to further delve into to exude strong academic potential, and the ability to steer the interview in the direction of the student’s interest and strengths

EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE – We at Rostrum have curated specialized services based on the feedback we have received from our students over time in an attempt that our students benefit to the maximum

COMPREHENSIVE RESEARCH – Our expert mentors have conducted massive research to get together a set of questions and topics typically asked at most Oxbridge Interviews based on previous experiences- this is an excellent guide for students across disciplines and courses

MENTORING SESSIONS – We offer a series of sessions with our Oxbridge specialists to help you with your preparation- each session is based on intense discussions regarding current happenings and subject specific readings to develop good communication and listening skills and critical thinking abilities

ROSTRUM NETWORK – Our ever-expanding network of Oxbridge graduates enables us to connect you with a subject-specialist across ever course

RESULTS – Our results speak for themselves. We have had the highest number of Oxbridge placements in the last three years and there is no looking back.

What our Students say

Choosing Rostrum was a decision that helped shape the next three years of my life. Not only did they provide some much-needed clarity to the college process, but they also gave me unique insight into areas of my subject that I was previously unaware of. 


From day one, Rostrum guided me through my application to Cambridge and helped me gain more insight into what makes a ‘standout’ Oxbridge application. Working with Rostrum was such an amazing experience and helped me get into my dream school!


Even though I worked with Rostrum for a brief period, it was definitely an invaluable experience. The team helped me with Cambridge’s COPA and interview preparation.

By providing multiple mock interviews with their Oxbridge specialists, their program helped me strengthen my ability to talk fluently around my subject.


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