Our Mission

Rostrum Education is a premier tutoring and education consultancy founded in London in 2016 with an aim – “to assist students with their learning curve and to provide them a global platform, thereby enabling them to achieve their academic goals.”
With a motto to teach beyond boundaries, Rostrum provides a diverse range of tutoring and consultancy services to students belonging to different curriculums like International Baccalaureate, IGCSE and A- Levels. Rostrum is headquartered in London and operates around the world with offices in Dubai and New Delhi, creating a global matrix of learning.
Our team of experienced tutors help students realize their full potential, to achieve academic excellence. Furthermore, this academic excellence is translated into success by our education consultants and counsellors who facilitate students in securing admission into the university of their choice. Apart from our team, we also have the Rostrum Community – a vast network consisting of students and alumni from leading universities around the world – to guide and motivate students.
We welcome you to join the Rostrum community to lay the foundation to a successful future!
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We Identify

Here’s how we work


We Identify

Our academic councillors assist you in preparing SWOT Analysis. This exercise will help you in analyzing your short term and long term goals and what you need to do to achieve them.
Be it completing your assessments or scoring high grades in subjects or securing a seat in your dream university, setting a clear goal is the first step towards success!

We Identify

We Strategize

Once you have a clear goal in mind, it’s time to make the roadmap!
Our academic councilors formulate a personalized road map for you to follow. The well- timed road map is based on your profile, inputs, needs and personal SWOT analysis.
WE STRATEGIZE -Rostrum Education
WE WORK -Rostrum Education

We Identify

We Work

By this stage there is a combined effort of the student and the tutors, to achieve goals. Our tutors will coach you and help you learn using innovative tools and techniques. Fortunately, we provide mentoring and tutoring for the students all over the world including India and UAE. Your task is to put in constant effort and show commitment to learning. You will be assessed regularly to measure progress and generate feedback. Changes will be made in the approach and the roadmap based on the feedback received.

We Identify

Our Success

Success is our ultimate goal post. We have been able to deliver that over the past years and we know for sure that we will continue to deliver better and constant results. You may think that success is the end to the journey, but the interesting fact is that success never really ends. Having succeeded you embark on many more journeys.
Being a member of the Rostrum Community you will succeed, inspire and guide others in the same journey!
OUR SUCCESS - Rostrum Education


Rostrum Education –

Rostrum Education, a London-based organization that connects students with mentors and admissions offices all around the world, has offices in India, the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai. We provide coaching, mentorship, and exam preparation. We work with our kids from the moment they enter middle school and high school until they are accepted into one of the world’s most prestigious universities. We offer a variety of teaching and consulting services to students pursuing various curriculums such as the International Baccalaureate, IGCSE, and A-Levels. We have already made 750+ admissions at universities throughout the world, 150+ Ivy league admissions, and 75+ Oxbridge admissions to date, all thanks to 50+ mentors and tutors who have a combined experience of over 100 years. To make your work simpler and less stressful, our team provides unrivalled academic support throughout the course, as well as aid with applications to students’ chosen colleges. This will involve aiding you with different elements of your college applications, such as extracurricular activities, personal statements, and so on, in order to provide you with the best chance of getting accepted into the colleges of your choosing. Creating an application plan for each institution you’re interested in, as well as a list of universities that are the greatest match for you based on your priorities.

Admissions in different fields:

  1. Fashion schools- Few people choose to pursue a career in fashion design, and finding a school that can help you get there is harder. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our team of experts! Despite the fact that our centers are located in India and the UAE, we help students from all over the world. Our services include portfolio creation workshops, the application procedure, and professional personal counselling. You may design a portfolio that works for you, motivates people who look at it, and displays your distinct and true abilities with our assistance.
  2. Oxbridge program with Gwyn– Gwyn Day, our Oxbridge Admissions Specialist, will work with 15 chosen students applying to Oxbridge for a total mentorship time of 10 hours, providing professional guidance with personal statements and interview assistance through one-on-one sessions for 20 sessions! With over 20 years of Oxbridge mentoring expertise, Gwyn has assisted over 75+ students from all over the world, including India and the UAE, in gaining admission to the institutions.
  3. Ivy league: Students will work with an ex-admissions officer or a mentor from one of the country’s most prestigious colleges. This framework, which we established with centers in India and the UAE, has shown to be quite successful in obtaining offers from premier colleges all around the world. Our staff at Rostrum assists you in aligning your work with the application timeline and deadlines, as well as assisting you in setting targets.
  4. Medical School- We have been assisting students with their medical school preparation in order for them to gain admission to some of the best colleges in the country. Our mentors have been assisting students with Oxbridge prep and UK admissions for many years, and our network includes of specialist instructors and medical experts from some of the greatest universities in the world. Our approach is extremely individualized and tailored to your specific skills and requirements.
  5. Boarding Schools- Our experts have extensive expertise with boarding schools. We assist students with all elements of their academic and professional lives. We consider all of a student’s talents, interests, personality traits, and natural abilities while determining the best school for him or her. We coach you through every stage of the application process in order to satisfy your individual demands and boost your chances of admission to the top private and residential schools.
  6. Business Schools- Our professional mentors will work with you to promote your qualifications, entrepreneurial ideas, and business aptitude in order to appeal to the B-schools of your choice. By focusing on your main professional accomplishments, the obstacles you’ve faced, the lessons you’ve learned, and the progress you’ve experienced, we can help you define and weave your career path. Our global network of top business school graduates will help you explore the various courses and institutions in depth so that you can make the best decision possible.

Curriculum Tutoring:

  1. CAMBRIDGE ADVANCED A LEVEL PROGRAM- We provide teaching for all Cambridge A level and AS level course subjects. Our A Level tutors can help you identify your areas of strength and where you might develop in a subject. Our one-on-one attention guarantees that you conquer your obstacles and see progress.
  2. ADVANCED PLACEMENT EXAMS (AP): AP exams encompass a wide range of topics, including biology, European history, and music theory. There are presently approximately 38 different AP test alternatives available. To win admission to your preferred university, you must first reach the ‘target score!’ Our AP teachers make sure you receive the ‘target score’ by directing your efforts in the proper direction. They employ unique methods to improve test abilities in order to enhance your grades.
  3. INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE: We provide IB teaching for all course disciplines, including IB Math, IB Chemistry, IB Physics, IB Economics, IB Biology, IB English, and IB Hindi, among others. Our instructors assist you in identifying your strengths and areas for growth in a topic. They design methods and employ various instruments to facilitate learning. Our one-on-one attention will ensure that you overcome your obstacles and achieve a flawless IB score. We provide tuition services all around the world, including India and UAE.
    Students are graded on their speaking skills, homework, and practical examinations in the IGCSE. Our staff of IGCSE instructors is dedicated to assisting students in achieving their examination goals. We provide tutoring services for all IGCSE (Core and Extended) course disciplines, including IGCSE Math, IGCSE Economics, IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Chemistry, and many more, not only at our centers in India and the UAE, but also online for students from all over the world. Our IGCSE teachers can help you identify your strengths and areas for growth in a topic. 

Test Prep for standardized testing:

    1. American College Testing (ACT Preparation)- Our ACT study materials are the most up-to-date and comprehensive. Learn from our experienced instructors who have the expertise and experience to assist you in achieving your ACT preparation objectives. With the best ACT tutoring, you can earn the score you want with a personalized study plan, student portal, practice tests, a full score report, refreshers, and more.
    2. Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT Preparation)– By providing you with the necessary tools and offering systematic GMAT coaching, we assist you in laying a solid conceptual foundation. By taking GMAT practice tests, we also conduct classroom activities and apply numerous approaches to assist you in developing a unique test-taking strategy. Every educator at Rostrum is the best in his or her specialty. And each of them has been trained in how to deliver a simple teaching style that yields the best results with the least amount of effort.
    3. GRE– Subject tests on the GRE help you stand out from the crowd. We provide GRE online coaching services all around the world, including India and UAE, and we can help you prepare for all six GRE Subject Tests. We can aid you in selecting the appropriate subjects to highlight your skills. We can offer extra help if you need it to better comprehend a topic.
    4. Oxbridge entrance test– All of our teachers are current or former University of Cambridge and University of Oxford alumni. This guarantees that students receive first hand assistance from peers who have gone through the full process, as well as students get familiarized with the specific kind of admissions test that is necessary and assist them with writing model responses in a timed environment. No matter where you belong from, our skilled teachers will provide you with a tailored approach to studying for the test. We appeal and assist to Indian and UAE students, as well as students from all around the globe.



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