10 Hour Oxbridge Summer Programs

with GWYN


The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are some of the oldest universities in the world and have topped the University rankings year after year. What special preparation is required for admission to these prestigious universities, and how to go about it? our Oxbridge Admissions Specialist who will be working with 15 selected students applying to Oxbridge this year for a total mentoring time of 10 hours, offering expert help with personal statements and interview assistance through one on one for 20 sessions! Rostrum offers help to students from all over the world and for in person meetings we have our centers in India and UAE.

our speaker gwyn - Rostrum Education


Mr. Gwyn Day is a member of Mensa (with an IQ in the top 0.05% ). A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and former banking Head Trader, Gwyn has been involved in the financial and education markets for over 30 years.

A specialist in Neurolinguistics for the last 20 years he has been coaching high potential students into top global universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and LSE, Ivy League, M7 plus Canadian and European schools).

He works with undergraduates and postgraduate students to obtain internships and Full-Time Graduate positions with the world’s top financial institutions, law firms, consultancies, and global corporates.

About the program

Gwyn will be working with you one-on-one, giving you personalised guidance for the whole process of applying to The University of Oxford or The University of Cambridge. The process includes-

  • Assessing your current academic and super-curricular profile
  • Reviewing what you already know and how to best highlight your strengths
  • Guiding you to write the perfect personal statement for the UCAS
  • Looking at College-specific requirements
  • Preparation for Oxbridge interviews (through unseen material and a special study of past interview questions trends)

With an extensive experience of over 20 years of Oxbridge mentoring, Gwyn has helped over 75+ students from all over the world including India and UAE, secure admissions to the universities. Rostrum’s Oxbridge Mentoring Prep is thus sure to greatly increase your chances of securing admissions with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, taking you a step closer to your dream university!



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