Tarang Agarwal

Columbia University, Cornell University
"It was a great experience working with Rostrum on my masters application process. Their counsellors are extremely professional and possess great experience and knowledge. The entire process from selecting colleges to the final SOP was highly enriching and gave me valuable insight into what foreign universities look for in students. I would highly recommend Rostrum to every student looking to apply for studying abroad. A special shout-out to Yatharth, Sanjog and Gwyn for helping me get into my dream college!”


Even though I worked with Rostrum for a brief period, it was definitely an invaluable experience. The team helped me with Cambridge’s COPA and interview preparation. By providing multiple mock interviews with their Oxbridge specialists, their program helped me strengthen my ability to talk fluently around my subject. Whether by discussing current world issues concerning my field or by dissecting my own SOP, the preparation enabled me to garner deeper insights into the various disciplines of my course and view them from a unique lens. Can’t thank the team enough for their support and guidance!


Rostrum’s counselling aided me throughout my college applications. Their hands on approach from choosing courses and colleges, writing the statement of purpose to finally the interviews allowed me get an offer from my first choice university. Their multiple interactive sessions helped me tailor my statement of purpose, my ability to discuss my subject and even gain real world knowledge. Alongside a successful application that allowed me to get an offer from Cambridge University, I am now more articulate, knowledgable and understand my academic potential.


Cambridge application seemed daunting, but Rostrum was there for me. With Gwyn, I accepted the challenge and pushed my limits while Sanjog helped me stay on track all the time. The academic discussions I would not have otherwise strengthened my knowledge, and most of all, I had enthusiasm in the course and a positive attitude which I believe made me an applicant Cambridge was looking for. The outcome is more than just an offer letter. Alongside the successful application, it is the personal growth and my potential they made me see, which I am sure will help me in the future.


UCL, Kings, Sciences Po
Rostrum’s counselling is a different experience altogether! Not only are you provided with help at every step of the college admissions process, but through interactive sessions tailored for you, you learn and grow too. Rostrum helped me reach new heights of learning, which is something I don’t think any other counsellor provides.


Acceptance: Birmingham, University of Manchester, Warwick, UCL, Bennington University
Waitlist: UK Berkeley, UCLA, Claremont McKenna
It's an enriching counselling service that has helped me tremendously with my college application. Gwyn has been there every step of the way to ensure that my UK application, interview material and exam preparation was taken care of while working on my strengths and weaknesses. The rest of the team including Sanjog and Radhika were constantly checking up on my process while keeping me on the right track and planning out what was next. I owe any and all my acceptances to the Rustrum team for sure.


Durham University
Before starting my journey with Rostrum internationally from Dubai, I was apprehensive about how they work and what help they provide. Gwyn’s in-depth and holistic approach with the application process has taught me far more about my subject than I would’ve known otherwise. Working with them has sharpened my critical thinking, communication and analytical skills - all vital for a Law degree at university. Can’t thank the amazing Rostrum team enough for going above and beyond with their support!


Joining Rostrum was the best decision I could have made. They are the most professional and knowledgeable people you will come across. Their mentor helped me narrow down my college list, write the perfect SOP and provided valuable insights about the course and it’s structure. They will not only provide you with the best resources to get into your dream college but will also be there for you after the process is over and you’ll meet some of the most friendly people!


To put it briefly ..anyone who genuinely loves their subject and wishes to understand it more deeply should join Rostrum. They are not just any other counseling agency, the mentors actively shape the way you think and help you look at your subject from multiple lenses! The sessions with Gwyn introduced me to a whole new world of ideas and concepts , he sharpens your skills while retaining your originality .. it just enhances your quest for learning! I believe discipline is the road on which you travel to achieve your objectives and Sanjog ensures that you stay firmly grounded on it by constantly reminding you of deadlines! Sanjog’s always gone that extra mile to ensure that you’re in the right frame of mind and is always there whenever you need him ( which in my case happens quite frequently!) But that is what rostrum is all about and I’m truly grateful for all that they have done for me !


UCL, University of Edinburgh
I joined Rostrum in the middle of twelfth grade to seek help for applying to top universities in the US and UK. The journey was phenomenal, every aspect of the application process was carefully scrutinised, worked on and refined till it became perfect. From shortlisting universities to revising all content before the deadline, Rostrum helped me through it all. My interview preparation with Gwyn Day, their Oxbridge expert, was a really engaging and unique experience. He motivated me to dig deeper into my subjects and helped me gain a multifaceted view of the subtopics that lie within my area of study. This equipped me with the knowledge to face the interviewers with great confidence and enabled me to excel in other pursuits as well. The Rostrum team made me believe in myself and helped me put forth successful applications to universities that I otherwise wouldn’t even have thought of applying to.


UBC, Boston University, UC San Diego Durham, University of Minnesota (with scholarship for Minnesota)
Deciding universities and writing college essays can be a very challenging process, and I am very glad I had Rostrum there to guide me through it. The counsellors are extremely helpful and ensure that you can always come to them for any doubts, so I never felt lost or confused about anything. They helped me polish and elevate my essays while retaining the original message that I wanted to express. The essay writing skills I have learnt from them will help me in university as well. All in all, Rostrum has been a huge support and helped me feel confident about my applications. Big thank you to the whole team for the amazing work!


Edinburgh, Cass, Cardiff
The entire process of applying to a college can sometimes be rather complicated and monotonous however with rostrum’s help it actually turns into a fun and interesting experience. From picking the perfect courses to drafting the perfect SOP, rostrum has played a crucial role in my application process and i am extremely grateful for their help. A big thank you to Gwyn and Sanjog for being so supportive and instilling the necessary confidence in me that has given me a real shot with some of the best universities in the world.


Mother of Saloni Subberwal
We had an unusual situation where as a parent I have been away from my daughter now for 10 months, which meant her being on her own with her father for support through the entire application process. I think it would be more than fair and well deserved to say ,I was at comfort because Rostrum were always there .. a call away for any query, discussion even addressing the obvious. It was a combined personal effort and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Wishing team Rostrum all the very best in the future.


Multiple schools in the UK
I stumbled across Rostrum few months back when I saw their Instagram ad about their Oxbridge admits. Harbouring serious intentions of going to one of these highly selective universities in UK, I contacted Rostrum to know more about their program. Committing to them after our very first interaction is probably one of the best decisions I have ever taken. The progress I made in terms of analysis and articulating my points concisely during my sessions with Gwyn (Oxbridge specialist) was beyond my expectations. He really allowed me to reach beyond what I thought I was capable of. His inputs on my SOP and 30 minutes long gruelling interview practice is probably one of the major drivers behind my strong application.


Uni of Bristol, Uni of exter, and York University (with scholarship), Kings, UBC, University of bath
Before working with rostrum i had absolutely no knowledge regarding the application process and the course i want to take up in the future. Rostrum guided me throughout every step of the way from helping me decide the course to college essays and deadlines. Without rostrum’s continuous guidance and support i wouldn’t be able to get offers from universities in UK and Canada.


Masters Applicant
I strongly believe that finding the “right counsellor” is extremely crucial to build an environment of growth for a young mind, Rostrum proved to be just that. Outside of the extremely personalized and intense sessions to help me build my applications, they helped me discover my strengths and interests, while constantly pushing me to work on my weaknesses. I developed a healthy connection with their international counsellor Gwyn, weekly sessions with whom proved to be a source of guidance not only in terms of my applications but also in terms of growing holistically as a person and professional. I believe the whole experience elevated my personal growth. Their friendly approach made me feel welcome and my overall experience with them convinced me that Rostrum was a step in the right direction.


UBC, U of T, Kings college london, Warwick business school, Bath University, University of Manchester, University of Melbourne
Rostrum has helped me with all my essays, mainly my SOP in great depth and provided me with proper guidance as to how to do my interviews thoroughly. The classes for IB I took have been really really helpful with the experience the teachers offer. Also, I really wanted to thank you for helping me with the whole process. I got into 7 out of the 9 universities I applied to!! and i wouldn't have been able to do this without your guidance.


Choosing Rostrum was a decision that helped shape the next three years of my life. Not only did they provide some much needed clarity to the college process, but they also gave me unique insight into areas of my subject that I was previously unaware of.


I honestly attribute my 7 in Econ and admission to UC Berkeley to the commitment of the teachers. They will take your individual needs into account and do all they can to get to know you. I would 100% recommend Rostrum for everything IB and college-related!


SOP, UCAS, Oxbridge Interview Prep...I think we would not have been able to do if it wasn't for something like Rostrum guiding us through the way, and that was really valuable.


From day one, Rostrum guided me through my application to Cambridge and helped me gain more insight into what makes a 'standout' Oxbridge application. Working with Rostrum was such an amazing experience and helped me get into my dream school!


Even though I joined Rostrum last minute, they were helpful in guiding throughout the college admissions process. They worked very efficiently to provide useful feedback on college essays and helped narrow down the right colleges for my particular field of study.


I joined Rostrum for college counselling and they helped me pick the right colleges that suit my profile and colleges that help me exemplify my subject choice [especially liberal arts].


At Rostrum, the teachers make sure I have fully understood the concepts and I am able to apply them to my daily life. They are usually followed by topical tests and revision. They helped me in finding what I'm truly passionate about and apply to my desired course

Naman Agarwal

University of Bath
It was an amazing experience working with the counsellors of Rostrum Education regarding my admission process. The counsellors thoroughly revised my personal statement and made it as professional as possible. I felt like my concerns and demands were heard at all times. I was also mentored in the preparation of my portfolio by a certified tutor from the UK who guided me through every step in the preparation of my portfolio. I wouldn’t have been able to get into my dream university, if it wasn’t for the rigorous work put in by Rostrum.

Anubhav Jindal

LSE and HEC, Paris
Anubhav came to us after having worked in his family business for almost a year. He wanted to get into some of the world’s best Master’s in Management programs to complement his work and his future goals. Having received 71% in his undergrad degree, BMS from Delhi University, we advised him to go for a GMAT test and prepared him. Despite the time constraint and his unavailability we were able to narrow down his choices to programs at LSE, LBS and HEC Paris. Through comprehensive improvements in his program and a 710 score in his GMAT, Anubhav got accepted into his dream choice, LSE Global Masters in Management Program. He often tells us about how much the foundation in Management module in LSE enables him to understand his work through an entirely new perspective.
At Rostrum we don’t just help you with the applications we help you achieve your best!


The whole Rostrum team was supportive throughout my essay process. I got an overview of the mind of the admissions officer. Rostrum's most important contribution would be the motivation that they gave me. Whether it was an essay for a top 20 or my safety, they treated them both with the utmost importance.


Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
Applying to colleges can be intimidating but with Gwyn and Sanjog by your side, the entire process becomes less nerve wracking and instead, more manageable. Through the interactive one on one sessions, I developed skills that not only helped me crack my essays but, I am certain, will help me in the future. From discussing current hospitality trends to making sure that I do enough research about the university itself, Gwyn helped me streamline the application process, set goals, and give my interview which helped me get an offer from my dream university. Can’t thank the Rostrum team enough for all that they have done for me!

Malika Gogia

University of Fordham
I used their services to apply for my masters at USA. These guys were thorough in their work, starting from the university search all the way till finalising my university. I loved their attention to detail! Whenever I had a doubt or had to clarify something, they were always available, sometimes even late at night! I would highly recommend Rostrum Education to anyone starting out without any prior experience in applying for higher education!



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