Covid 19 – Unchartered Territory in the World of College Admissions

Covid 19 – Unchartered Territory in the World of College Admissions
By: Ishani Nakra
Academic Mentor at Rostrum Education
Looking to study abroad? With the entire world now in the middle of a pandemic, we are all facing challenges we’d never have imagined and couldn’t have been prepared for. Keeping that in light, we are here to answer some of your most pertinent questions about how Coronavirus is affecting your university application process here on forth.

Do I have to take Standardized tests such as the SAT/ACT to apply to universities to the USA?

Most of the universities are making an exception for the 2020/2021 intake by taking their standardized test requirements off of their list of mandatory documents. We, however, still recommend that you take the test if you can as the universities will still take the SAT scores of the students who have submitted them into account whilst in the process of making a decision on applications. Some universities such as Princeton and Yale still require you to submit your SAT/ACT scores.
So our advice is, if you’re in two minds and think you can score well, go for it! But if you’re apprehensive and don’t want to / can’t give the test, don’t worry; we’ll have plenty of options for you!

If my session begins in 2020, will I get the campus experience that I’ve been longing for?

Universities in countries such as the United Kingdom are planning (as of now) to go forward with the 2020 session (starting September) as normal, with a proper on shore experience. However, universities in countries such as Australia are holding the first semester online. On one hand, one might feel like this will take away from their study abroad experience and choose to defer their acceptance to the 2021 session; on the other hand one might consider that the online semester will be easy on the pocket as it will save the cost of rent, utilities, etc.
So, if you have an acceptance and are wondering if you should defer, you might want to take the above factors into consideration and evaluate what suits you best!

How can Rostrum Education help me?

As the world is adapting, so have we. We have shifted all our services online and have been able to carry them out seamlessly. From online counselling to tutoring, we provide it all! Even online, we’re a one stop shop of all your admission assistance. Our team of experts are available to you just as they would be pre Coronavirus, with detailed information and help. We have recently conducted a webinar in collaboration with an admissions officer from Harvard and will continue to provide a platform to open dialogue between you and your dream college!

Stay tuned for more!
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