• Expert Guidance in IB: IB MYP and DP requires a lot of extra effort to achieve the set targets and Rostrum caters well in the successful completion of their Portfolios, Personal project, EE, TOK essay and Internal Assessments. Good assessments are important to ace the IB programmes and that’s what we deliver.
  • Assessment Support in IGCSE: The IGCSE along with examinations also assesses students based on their oral skills, coursework and practical assessments. Our team at Rostrum provides extraordinary support in accomplishing the assessment objectives.
  • Coursework Assistance IN A-Levels: The key to getting good grades in the A level is to balance your performance in both, written examinations and coursework. The form or type of coursework is different for every subject. Our team of A Level tutors assist students in planning and conducting coursework all subjects such as A Level Math, A Level Physics, A Level Chemistry and many more.
  • Strategic Learning: We offer tutoring services for all the course subjects of the IB, IGCSE, A- Levels and Ap’s. Our tutors help you outline your areas of strengths and improvement in subjects you require that extra help. They devise ways and utilize various tools to make learning easy. We also provide resources for deeper understanding of a topic. Our personalized care ensures that you overcome your difficulties and achieve and achieve the results you’ve aimed for.
  • Maximize Scores: The chances of entering your dream university are determined by the grades that you achieve, whether it be in IB or IGCSE, your A- Levels or AP’s. Our IGCSE tutors strive to make certain that you are aware of your full potential and achieve the highest possible grade in every subject.
  • Flexible Learning: There’s so much that a student in today’s day and age is occupied with. There’s a lot to be accomplished within a short time frame. Hence, at Rostrum we understand and work with you and your scheduled life. We offer you options to learn at your convenience. You may choose a tutor to teach you in-person at our offices in Delhi and Guragaon or even online. You may even sit for classes in our well-appointed classrooms. Whatever you prefer, your convenience is our priority.
  • Rostrum Community: The Rostrum Community is a global network of successful alumni and students from leading universities across the globe. The members of the community are always there to welcome queries and are ready to part with their knowledge to help you achieve success. Being a part of the community gives you an opportunity to learn from their experience and plan your future.




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