Top tier universities are now a global battlefield with applications per place skyrocketing in recent years. While students’ academic grades can be significantly improved by most established educational advisory services, few have the in-depth expertise of breaking each individual step of the selection process down to identify how to gain maximum leverage. The serious applicant will not just be a ‘memory machine’ they will, through intensive or extensive Rostrum training, have learnt to think holistically and deal with ambiguity. With universities such as Oxford and Cambridge placing such emphasis on students ability to engage with ‘unseen material’ I.e. that not covered in any school syllabus, it is only exposure to books, podcasts, lectures, articles and then discussing these on a weekly basis that creates original and agile minds. Those minds can then generate a truly engaging Statement of Purpose because.....they know how to think not just repeat. Being comfortable enough to Speak with an Advisor engaging in world-class academics, be it in live or solo interviews, through dealing with admission tests is an amalgamation of skills nurtured from etensive preparation. A few true geniuses will freestyle their way to top offers but for most it is the result of hard work and targeted preparation. Intense one on one mentoring with our subject experts, gears students whether sitting in India, the UAE or any other country to tackle anything that may come their way.


The research required to uniquely position a candidate for a successful top tier Masters application is massively underestimated by most educational advisory services.
While addressing the three core questions remains at the heart of an application…
...a superficial answer is not enough. Understanding faculty research and career partnerships, deep combing of relevant social media, knowledge of relevant research papers, reaching out to the appropriate university societies are just a few of the steps that show Rostrum candidates have “gone beyond”.
Knowing the above is not enough. The details from the research need to be woven into a coherent narrative that, like the facets on a diamond, allow the brilliance to enhanced. Candidates from India, Dubai and other countries bring their achievements and abilities and we help show these in the best possible condition.
The final element is judicious and apposite phrasing. In the words of Gwyn Day, one of our Senior Consultants, “ Indian candidates whilst often of the highest potential and calibre often let themselves down by being long winded, repetitive and unfocused” Most of Rostrum’s candidates applications will go through 10 - 12 iterations ensuring that coherency and impact is maximised.




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