The core material for this can never be pre-defined, but it can be delivered in the following ways:
  • Dealing with unseen subject specific material: There is so much that you can be prepared with, for what you’re not prepared for is what we can help you put together. The years of experience that our counsellors have on them, they can guide and assist the students to handle any situation that may or may not occur.
  • Structuring answers: You can count on us to help you compose the best possible answers that can deliver assured results. The use of the right words in the right places can make a huge difference to your disposition.
  • Subject specific examples: Our councilors’, having the in depth knowledge of the course lines are very specific in their guidance. To the subject that you may have applied for, help and assistance will be made through examples in that subject itself.
  • Responding to interviewer’s cues and tips: Years of experience on their hand our councilors’ will guide you on how to work with the indications that the interviewer might be giving. This is helpful given that in the moment you would know how to and what to make of the situation.
  • Verbal and nonverbal (body language communication habits): What to say. What not to say. If you’re not saying it out loud how can you communicate with your gestures, everything is minutely taken in consideration and worked upon to come as close to perfection as possible.
  • Past questions: You are walked through what the interviews have been like in the last three years. This helps you prepare for what can be the general questions which can be asked. Our team is up to date with each interview drive that happens. This proves to be extremely beneficial to students.
  • Personal statement questions
  • Submitted work questions
  • Demonstrating confidence, teachability and reflection: We make sure that you’re not just prepared academically for the interview but have a holistic development of your personality where you are willing to learn and grasp what the college has to offer.
  • Talking about yourself, interests and achievements: Sometimes students are able to solve the most difficult math question on paper or are able to narrate all the political incidents that happened in History, but when they are asked to talk about themselves they go blank and if not that they stutter. We help students to present themselves with confidence and without hesitation be able to speak their minds where they may not be the most comfortable with.

Makes Us

What Makes Us Different

  • Our tutors are all current students or graduates at Oxford or Cambridge University.
  • With our Oxbridge test expert, students go through multiple mock Admission Tests.
  • Our experts also investigate the previous year’s exam papers annually.
  • Teaching how to approach questions and write model answers.
  • Familiarizing students with the style of Admissions Test Questions.
  • Ensuring that candidates answer in accordance with the mark scheme specification.


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