Students would be working with an ex admission officer or mentor from the most profound universities of US. This structure that we have set up has proved to be highly effective in getting offers from top universities around the world. We’ve briefly put together what the US University Prep would look like for an aspirant and ways in which we will be assisting:
  • Goal Alignment: If you’re applying to an Ivy it becomes absolutely necessary to be target oriented. Our team at Rostrum helps you align your work to the timeline of the applications and deadlines, and help you set goals. One thing that you can be assured about is that you’re not missing any of your important dates if you’re working with us.
  • SAT/ACT Preparation: Students at Rostrum are intensely prepared to raise their score to have a higher leverage over the other competitors.
  • Profile Building: The right kind of help you need for your profile will be asserted from our team. Over the years, we have learned, through experience, what catches the eye of the admissions officers and what sticks with them to want to have you at their prestigious institute. We help you find the internships that can elevate your profile and competitions that you can be a part of and make it look good on your profile on top of your good grades.
  • Research Project: Getting you linked with experts on research who will give you the thorough guidance you will need. From finding the topic to concluding the extensive research, our tutors will be there.
  • Applications: A holistic support on your applications is guaranteed to you from Rostrum. Important dates | deadlines | content | structure is all very meticulously taken care of.
  • Shortlisting Colleges/ Universities: Keeping in mind the course that you’re interested in and the country, we assist in shortlisting the colleges/ universities and provide you with the top picks.
  • Essays and LOR: A remarkably written essay can really help you with scholarships and stand out as a better candidate. Our team is there to help you articulate your thoughts in the most fervent way possible.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: Applying for scholarships and financial aid is a wholesome task. Making sure that every document asked for is uploaded within the given time. Finding out all scholarships available for the course that you’ve applied for and your eligibility for it, we’d be on top of that.


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