To start off, the question that pops is why choose a boarding school?
There are diversified reasons to choose boarding schools for the education of your child. Generally, parents prefer to send their children to study at a boarding school when they require their child to be more study oriented and be faced with more challenging academics. A boarding school helps a student’s mind to be centered on studies and all activities to circle around learning. Students and teachers living together definitely adds on as a big benefit. Boarding schools have a record of having an excellent education model.
There are many benefits to studying abroad, especially studying abroad in a boarding school. It highly depends on the student’s preference of the country, but there are a lot of options that can be considered around the world.
Here are reasons why you should consider studying at a boarding school:
  • Academically centred: One of the primary reasons to choose Boarding School is the environment that it provides where a student can centre his/her mind wholly to studies. There are lesser distractions around for the student to be deviated. At boarding schools, for the students enrolled, the schedule is set for the week, which becomes more intense during exam season. This helps the student to be organised and teaches him to allocate his time well and be able to wrap the portions for exams. They also offer a wider range of subject choices. The experience of learning extends beyond the classroom as the teachers live on campus and it helps with ample opportunities for the students to clarify their doubts on subjects, which comes in handy during examinations.
  • Qualified Teachers: Boarding Schools are recognised to have some of the best and highly competent teachers. These teachers do not approach what they do as a job but something that they are passionate about, given the number of hours that they put in with their students even after class hours. Their ultimate goal is to be able to help students be well- prepared for college ace their boards. They help students come up to their full potential and immerse their hours in studying.
  • Small Classroom Sizes: There are usually fewer students at a boarding school which helps mentors to pay attention more acutely. This helps in giving more attention to individual learning and the teachers are able to provide more material to the students. Detailed attention allows students to comprehend the concepts better. The students are able to interact among themselves which caters to healthy discussions as well. This helps them do well with their tests and boards which in turn helps them get into top universities.
  • Self Sustaining: Boarding Schools are really helpful in making students self- reliant and independent. Throughout the day, every activity is done by them and without the involvement of any outside body. It teaches them how to manage time better, perform domestic chores, they are incharge of their possessions and learn how to maturely handle situations on their own, since they don’t always have access to call home. Their cognitive reasoning and analytical functioning becomes stronger. Most graduates who were taught at a boarding school remark, being able to learn how to manage your own academic and personal responsibilities at a young age.
  • Lesser Distractions: It is said that boarding school students can focus better because what may be a distraction for other students such as, television, video games, phones are in limited access to students at boarding schools. More focused learning helps them to do better academically.
Boarding School students are conditioned for success given the environment that they are provided and their independence helps them to perform exuberantly in the world outside!
The countries with some of the best boarding schools are namely Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and Germany.
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