Choosing Rostrum was a decision that helped shape the next three years of my life. Not only did they provide some much needed clarity to the college process, but they also gave me unique insight into areas of my subject that I was previously unaware of.


I honestly attribute my 7 in Econ and admission to UC Berkeley to the commitment of the teachers. They will take your individual needs into account and do all they can to get to know you. I would 100% recommend Rostrum for everything IB and college-related!

Ansh Nanda

Student, Duke University

Heather, and the whole Rostrum team, were supportive throughout my essay process. Every step of the way they always made time for me to look over my essay or give feedback. I was grateful for their expertise on the subject matter and their help throughout the essay writing process. Besides just english grammatical changes I got an overview of the mind of the admissions officer. Although Heather is known for international admissions she did a great job, and so did the whole Rostrum team. Their most important contribution would be the motivation that they gave me to put my best foot forward and write my essays. Whether it was an essay for a top 20 or my safety, they treated them both with the utmost importance.

Ansh Nanda

BSc. Architecture, University of Bath

It was an amazing experience working with the counsellors of Rostrum Education regarding my admission process. The counsellors thoroughly revised my personal statement and made it as professional as possible. I felt like my concerns and demands were heard at all times. I was also mentored in the preparation of my portfolio by a certified tutor from the UK who guided me through every step in the preparation of my portfolio. I wouldn’t have been able to get into my dream university, if it wasn’t for the rigorous work put in by Rostrum.


LSE Global Masters in Management Program

Anubhav came to us after having worked in his family business for almost a year. He wanted to get into some of the world’s best Master’s in Management programs to complement his work and his future goals. Having received 71% in his undergrad degree, BMS from Delhi University, we advised him to go for a GMAT test and prepared him. Despite the time constraint and his unavailability we were able to narrow down his choices to programs at LSE, LBS and HEC Paris. Through comprehensive improvements in his program and a 710 score in his GMAT, Anubhav got accepted into his dream choice, LSE Global Masters in Management Program. He often tells us about how much the foundation in Management module in LSE enables him to understand his work through an entirely new perspective.
At Rostrum we don’t just help you with the applications we help you achieve your best!

Gwyn Day

I am intellectually curious and as the world changes it is the very brightest youngsters who give me the unexpected insights into their subject areas. As I work across all subjects this gives me a tapestry of the future. What more could I ask than new understanding of the world and helping the most talented on their path


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