SAT scores are a key component of your college applications. Many colleges require scores from the SAT as a part of the admissions process. This entrance exam is used by many universities to make admission decisions.
The SAT’s help mark a student’s readiness for college. This also makes it easier for colleges to have one common test that can be used to weigh all applicants. College Admissions Officers of Universities review the Standardized Test scores alongside your High School GPA, letters of recommendation from mentors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays. The relevance of SAT scores varies from college to college and university to university. Even still, the higher you score on the SAT, the better chances you have of attending and paying for college available to you.
Here’s how you’d find us to be different:
  • Perfect Foundation: We help you construct a good foundation of concepts by equipping you with resources and tutoring systematically. We also undertake classroom exercises and employ various techniques to aid you in formulating a unique test taking strategy. Remember that you are tested not only on your exam skills but also on your approach to the exam.
  • Subject Test Guidance: SAT Subject Tests give your application an advantage over the others. Rostrum offers you coaching for all the 20 SAT Subject Tests. We assist you in choosing the right subjects which will help you showcase your strengths. We also provide additional support to improve your understanding of a subject.
  • Essay Skills: If you are taking the SAT with Essay then you need to develop necessary language, writing, critical thinking and analytical skills to attempt the essay. We understand that you can’t develop them overnight. Our tutors help you build essay skills using comprehensive methods.


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