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Yatharth Gulati - Co-Founder

“In the present day, most of the international curriculums aim to develop students as life-long learners. However, we recognize that every student has a different capacity to learn. At Rostrum we understand the learning needs of every student and provide them with unparalleled support and resources so that they can excel at learning and ultimately secure an admission at their dream university.” - Yatharth Gulati, Director and Head of Economics Department at Rostrum Education

Yatharth, co-founder of Rostrum Education, is a mentor and educator of students pursuing secondary and higher education. His journey began as a student of the IB Diploma Programme. He pursued a Bachelors Degree in Business Mathematics and Statistics from London School of Economics and Political Science. He graduated with First-class Honors and also received the prestigious ‘Best Performance Award’ for his academic achievements.

He worked with leading educational consultancies in the UK to tutor students and assist them in university admissions. In his role as the director of Rostrum Education, he frequently conducts motivational sessions for students and tutors. He also travels around the world to advice schools regarding the best way to implement international curriculums.

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Sanjog Anand - Co-Founder

“International boards are evolving assessment practices to be more student-centric. Furthermore, a student has to go beyond the classroom to gain necessary experience to forge their path in the world. It’s huge challenge for students to perform the balancing act. Hence, Rostrum presents students with opportunities to learn conveniently at the time and place they wish. We also offer expert guidance to students so that they may finish their coursework successfully. And not to forget, we also welcome students to be a part of the Rostrum Community to interact with other students and alumni from leading universities around the world.” - Sanjog Anand, Director at Rostrum Education

Sanjog is a co-founder of Rostrum Education and the Head of Business Operations and Development. He is also an enthusiastic mentor and research guide to students. Sanjog received a Bachelors of Science degree in Energy Engineering from Penn State University. He has worked with various financial and energy firms in India and abroad and conducted projects on energy conservation systems.

Pierre Bou Eid - Director

Pierre Bou Eid is Director at Rostrum Education, London. Having graduated with a 2:1 degree classification from Hult International Business School, Pierre is a seasoned educator in the fields of Math and French. He has been successful in building ties with teachers and international schools from around the world.

Aiming to provide the same opportunity and experience he enjoyed drives Pierre to make Rostrum the first name in IB education and the answer to international studies for students across the world.


Mr. Yatharth Gulati HOD Economics Economics is a part of the basic framework of nations. To learn the subject, one requires critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. One must be able to view a situation from different perspectives and come up with the best possible solution. I help students develop the required skills and abilities to be a learner of Economics through my unique style of teaching which combines both theory and practical application.
Mr. Rahul Reddy HOD Physics and Business Advisor “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein Having been a student of Physics, I believe that understanding Physics is understanding life and beyond. As a tutor, my role is to help students understand Physics. To that end, I tailor my approach towards teaching students according to their needs and cultivate efficient working methods.
Mr. Sunil Kumar HOD Mathematics Mathematics might seem like a language – with its own symbols, signs, syntax and meanings. However, it is a beautiful subject which turns abstract ideas and concepts into something more concrete. It makes one indulge in the exercise of thinking. During my vast experience, I have trained students to learn and practice math, using various practical approaches. In my class, learning meets fun because that is what the subject is.
Dr. Meena Dhami HOD Biology And Chemistry Learning biology is to be one with nature. I call my students explorers because that is what they are! They explore, discover and learn… again explore, discover and learn… it is a repetitive process. The outcome of this process is to not just understand the fundamentals of biological life; it is to contribute to the betterment of life. I help my students become responsible explorers and learn biology in its true form.
Emma Simpson HOD Psychology Humans try to understand and study everything. But, who understands the human? Is it important to understand a human? What is human nature? Why do humans do what they do? Are human attributes identical or unique? The answers to all these questions and more are given by Psychology. It is looking for the story behind the story. Being a teacher of Psychology, I teach students about how to journey into the mind of a person, with a special emphasis on ethical considerations. While teaching, I employ various methods to suit the aptitude of every student.
Camilla Leogrande HOD History “To know nothing of what happened before you were born is to forever remain a child.” – Cicero History is not only a timeline of events but also a basis for the present and future. People, countries, culture and systems have evolved from the past. In general, teaching history is associated with storytelling. However, there’s more to it. I think that learning history must give students a deeper understanding into the past and incite a will to build greatness on it. My teaching methodology for students is intended to develop a better perspective about history.

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Rostrum is a premier education platform for students undertaking or aspiring to take up the challenging curricula of IB, IGCSE and A Level. Rostrum provides unparalleled services towards supporting students academically through the course along with assistance for admissions into students’ dream universities.


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