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Rostrum has been working with international schools around the globe to complement the efforts of schools and teachers for the progress of students. Our aim is to create a passion for learning and motivate students to explore the numerous opportunities available to them. We are proud to inform you that we have crossed the ‘100 Schools’ milestone recently!


‘Experience Speaks’ are events conducted by the members of the Rostrum Community for students from high schools (Grade 10 – 12). In case you are wondering about what the Rostrum Community actually is... Let us tell you. It is a vast network consisting of students and alumni from leading universities around the world. Our objective is to share our experience and give students an insight into different aspects of student life. We try to prepare students for the challenges they may face while pursuing higher education. They say, “It takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes, but an even wiser man to learn from others.” Learn from our success as well as our mistakes!


‘Synergy Sessions’ are group classes organized in schools for students to improve their learning experience and to assist them in scoring good grades. As a part of the sessions, we work with subject teachers to understand the class profile, conduct revision classes for students for mocks and final examinations and provide valuable revision material. Since the start of the ‘Synergy Sessions’ programme, we have had a successful journey associating with schools and assisting students.

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Rostrum is a premier education platform for students undertaking or aspiring to take up the challenging curricula of IB, IGCSE and A Level. Rostrum provides unparalleled services towards supporting students academically through the course along with assistance for admissions into students’ dream universities.


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