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The universities in the US have always been among the ‘university preference list’ of students. The high success rate of the graduates, never ending opportunities, education system and the cultural diversity of the nation attract students from all corners of the world. Naturally, this means you have to contest with many students and stand out in crowd to get an admission into the university of your choice. The counsellors at Rostrum are committed to help you in the challenging admission process. As you know, there is no short-cut to success, so we prepare you for the long journey towards success with utmost care and guidance.


Every university in the US is renowned for different factors like a specific course, department, campus environment, scholarships, placements and student benefits. Our counsellors are well-versed with the characteristics and requirements of every college and university. We strive to identify the right universities for you according to your profile, course and specifications.

We also conduct the University Selection Sessions for students while they are in high school. These sessions will help students familiarize themselves with the basic grade and entrance exam requirements of universities and set targets. We also inform students about the application procedure and deadlines of the universities so that students understand each and every component that plays a role in the processing of their application. The general components of application are as discussed below.

Students may even interact with the Rostrum Community for advice regarding universities.


The common entrance exams to the colleges in the US are SAT and ACT. There is no standard cut-off score to gain entry into a college or a course. Nevertheless, having a high score in the standardized tests will add value to your application. Your chances of admission into the college increase if you have excellent high school (Grade 12) marks to go with good SAT / ACT scores. They bear testimony to your academic accomplishment. Rostrum provides coaching for both SAT and ACT, throughout the year. Know more SAT and ACT. Few international students may have to take IELTS and or TOFEL to demonstrate proficiency in English.


Colleges in the US are looking for students with versatile profiles. You must actively participate in an array of extracurricular activities and develop personal interests. The intent behind this criterion is to give the college an idea about you. What do you care about? What are you passionate about? What drives you? How are you as an individual? Do you have all the characteristics of a learner? Have you ever made a positive difference in the life of others?

While academics form a standard platform to measure the performance of students, extracurricular activities present a unique dimension of your personality which sets you apart. Our counsellors help you discover yourself and advise you regarding the extracurricular activities that you may take up to build your profile. We also assist you in planning your extracurricular activities because the early bird catches the worm. If you start now, you will have enough extracurricular experiences to present at the time of admission.


Other important components to consider while applying to colleges are the college application essays and letters of recommendation. Rostrum conducts Application Essay Workshop and LOR Seminar for the benefit of students. The objective of the Application Essay Workshop is to highlight the importance of the essays and instruct students how to write their essays to showcase their strengths. We also assist in drafting the essays through constant feedback.

The LOR Seminar is conducted for students to understand what exactly a Letter of Recommendation entails. The dos and don’ts, how many letters do you need, who is the best person to give you a letter of recommendation, how you may assist your recommender, right to access the letter and more are discussed in the seminar. Students may take guidance from the Rostrum Community while writing essays and taking letters of recommendation.


Once your application has been short-listed by colleges, the next step is to prepare for the interview and crack it! We conduct Mock Interview Sessions for short-listed candidates to train them in content, communication and interview tackling skills. The interview sessions take the form of a one-to-one interview or a panel-interview. Students are assessed on set criteria and given feedback at the end. Students are welcome to interact with the Rostrum Community to learn about the interview experience of our members and take hints from them. It is to be noted that, few institutions provide admission on the basis of application only. However, few institutions may request an interview based on the profile of the applicant or deem interview a compulsory component of application procedure.


Based on your performance in every stage of college application processing you will be given an admission!

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Rostrum is a premier education platform for students undertaking or aspiring to take up the challenging curricula of IB, IGCSE and A Level. Rostrum provides unparalleled services towards supporting students academically through the course along with assistance for admissions into students’ dream universities.


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