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COVID-19 has disrupted the lives and postsecondary education plans of many students around the world. In an attempt to reduce stress of students who have been impacted by this pandemic and give them a chance to share their covid experiences with universities, the Common App has introduced an optional writing section in their application. In this question, students will be expected to share how the COVID pandemic has had an impact on their personal and academic lives.

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I.C.E legislation

Out of these one million students, the second largest group of international students, after the Chinese, is that of Indians. This means that a lot of Indian students currently studying in the US will have to return to India. They can stay back only if they choose to move to a school which offers in-person classes or if they have the appropriate medical reasons to not leave the US. Indian students, who returned home on account of their universities shutting in-person classes, will not be able to reenter the U.S. if their classes are entirely online. These , however, can continue to attend online classes from home.

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Guide to Common App Essay

This common application essay is meant to give universities a greater understanding of who you are as a person. This helps them gauge not only how doing a specific course is going to benefit you but also how you are going to contribute to the classroom environment. It is a really big component of your college application to the USA.

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With the entire world now in the middle of a pandemic, we are all facing challenges we’d never have imagined and couldn’t have been prepared for. Keeping that in light, we are here to answer some of your most pertinent questions about how Coronavirus is affecting your university application process here on forth.

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Two of the most recognised and prominent universities in the world stand very similar in their dynamics but at the same time they are very very different. They each respectively have their own strong reputation. But the courses that each have to offer is what makes them different.

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US vs UK

The universities in the US and the UK have always been featured in the ‘Top 100 Universities in the World.’ The availability of wide range of courses, remarkable success rate of graduates, greater employment opportunities and more, have made the two countries the most popular destination for higher education.

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sat vs act

There’s always a disarray between parents and students whether to opt for SAT or ACT

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